Stand On My Shoulders to See Further and Land Clients Faster

Dear Fellow Copywriter,

Congratulations! I’m SUPER excited for you. You’ve just downloaded my entire system for landing clients and enjoying a lifetime of client flow.

Yes, I fit it all on a single page for you. Pretty cool, right?

If you follow that plan, you’ll enjoy a crazy life of wealth, freedom, and success… just like hundreds of other writers have done.

This is really important…  Before you dive in, I want to tell you about an awesome opportunity.

Do you remember that saying from Sir Isaac Newton?

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

He was writing a letter to his friend Robert Hooke, who had complimented him on his accomplishments.

Isaac was simply stating that his success was a result of making the most of the years of research, thinking, experimenting, and discipline of other great men and women.

Isaac didn’t have to start at ground zero.

He could use the wisdom of others to catapult him into greater heights of success and discovery.

Today, I’d like to make you the offer of standing on my shoulders.

I want to give you all of my best insights into the ins-and-outs of the system I’ve shared with you.

Of course, one page is not enough to tell you all the details. I’ve just given you the overview that will work for you

But, what if you could sit down with me and have me personally explain every aspect of the System?

What if I told you exactly what I meant by Market, Message, and Match?

What if I could personally warn you of the pitfalls to avoid and the sweet spots to capitalize on?

I think you’d agree that if you had that kind of insight you’d be able to get up and running much, much faster, right?

In short, you’d be standing on my shoulders and I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that you earned more as a writer… and earned it faster… than I did.

Yes, I did have some great success right off the bat.

But, it wasn’t always easy.

The “Learning Curve” Is SUPER Painful…
But You Can Avoid It 😉

I remember the day I sat at my desk waiting to hear back from Sage Software.

Sage develops more than a dozen different software packages, from CRMs to accounting software.

It seemed to me an ideal client for me… a perfect fit.

I spent over 6 months working with two of the marketing directors from two different divisions. One had been putting me off, but being nice about it.

I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with that guy, but was desperate to feel like I was doing something, so I kept swapping emails with him. (You know the feeling don’t you? LOL)

But, the other guy… he seemed really interested in having me do some website content and a set of white papers. It was for their CRM software, ACT! (Funny enough that was the very CRM that I was using to keep track of my calls and emails with him!)

After months of going back and forth, we finally came the point of him asking for a proposal.

I sent it off on Tuesday morning. It went off with all my hopes and dreams pinned to it.

Man! I needed that project. I really, really needed the money. I felt shaky and desperate inside.

“Please, please, please just let this guy give me a chance,” I prayed.

And then the waiting game began.

During the next few days, I was a nervous wreck.

Every time my computer sounded with a “ding” telling me I had an email, I’d feel my heart jump to my throat and my gut sink into my toes.

“Is that Roger? Did he get back to me? Is he going to go for the project?”

I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

You know what?

I’m still waiting!

That was the last time I ever heard from Roger at Sage.

After over 10 years, I’m starting to think that they aren’t going to accept the proposal… what do you think? (hahaha)

Sad story, right?

Yes! It was hard on me.

Really hard.

I’ll Spare You the Pain of Trial and Error

Lucky for me, it was during this same time that I had a proposal on the desk of Corel… and they did accept my offer and we did do lots and lots of really cool projects together.

So, my family didn’t starve and we are doing OK today.

But, I’ve thought a lot about Sage over the years.

What went wrong?

Well, I can tell you…

You see, at the time, I wasn’t sure how to put a proposal together. I wasn’t sure how to close the deal. I wasn’t sure how to position myself.

The seminar I’d taken with Bob Bly was all about finding clients… but only about finding them. Yes, it was amazing. But it didn’t tell me much about proposals, closing the deal, and keeping them happy for the long-haul.

But, there wasn’t a lot about proposals and how to close clients… and nothing about servicing them.

So, I decided to do some split testing.

I tested one proposal and one way of closing the deal with Corel… and another with Sage.

Corel won.

Sage gave me the cold shoulder for 10 years.

Now, what if I’d had a mentor to help me at that critical point?

What would have happened if I had someone give me a system and personally explain it to me?

I can tell you… I’d be a whole lot richer today… and in those early days, I wouldn’t have had spasmodic anxiety attacks every time my email program went “bing!”.

I would have been confident, knowing that I was using a proven system to attract, close, and up-sell clients.

I would have got on with living a great lifestyle instead of sitting around wondering if I was on the right path.

I want to help you have that kind of confidence… that kind of success… that kind of lifestyle.

My FREE cheat sheet that you just downloaded is just the beginning.

I’ve put together a special quick-start video training series for you. The program has 3 videos that give you tons of details on the System.

It’s like having me personally sit down with you and explaining each element of the System.

Plus, I give you insights on how you can use it to get started right away.

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

You MUST Have These Three Things to Win…
But ONLY These Three Things…

I believe that having a great system for attracting clients and living a great lifestyle is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

In other words, you just need to focus on three major elements:

  1. Market – Who is your audience?
  2. Message – Why should they buy from you instead of someone else?
  3. Match – How can you close the deal and get started?

So, during this special seminar, together, we’ll cover…

Training Video #1 – Market

Have you ever wondered what niche is best for you?

Where do you even start? There are sooo many niche’s out there… so many different companies, products, and services that you could write for… which one is the best for you?

During this session, we’ll look at some of the best writing niches.

I’ll give you a simple process for picking a niche that will be both fun and profitable for you.

You’ll discover exactly what to look for in potential clients and know how to position yourself to be the best solution for their writing needs.

We will also discuss how to identify… and then maximize … your personal strengths.

Training Video #2 – Message

So… you know who you’re talking to and have decided on a fun and profitable niche.


Now what?!?!

What do you say?

How to you find them?

What do you offer and how much do you charge?

Do you need a website? How about a Facebook page… and then there’s LinkedIn… how about that?

All of these questions can be confusing and complicated.

If you get them wrong you can expect to get your backside kicked all over the writing industry and end up sore and broke.

My good friend, Perry Marshall calls this the “ignorance tax”.

It is no fun to pay the ignorance tax. It is expensive.

So, I’m going to give you insights on all these questions to save you a sore backside and some serious money.

Plus, you’ll be much more attractive to potential clients when you get all of this right.

The answers are found in Video #2.

Training Video #3 – Match

Now the fun begins…

You have a target audience… and a nice set of services to offer them at a fair price… but how do you get them to cut the check and choose you?

There are two ways to land clients:

First, you can take a direct response approach.

This means that you reach out to prospective clients directly. You can do this online, over the phone, or activities like live meetings.

In fact, there are 5 major marketing methods for reaching out directly to potential clients.

The other approach you can take is what I call the expert path.

When you travel down this path, you become a recognized expert in your niche.

Anyone in your niche that needs your kind of copy will automatically assume that you’re the best choice and contact you.

They reach out to you.

Like with the direct response path, this approach has 5 specific methods … all of which are very effective if you know the secrets behind them.

The end objective with the Match section is to help you get to a point where you can enjoy steady client flow and be able to land clients that will pay you enough so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams.

In this training video, I’ll outline each marketing method and help you develop a plan for identifying and landing your ideal clients.

With these three training videos, you’ll have a solid foundation for building your writing business and begin living the writer’s life.

You’ll also have specific steps you can take right now to get started. You’ll have confidence knowing that your actions are moving you in the right direction.

That’s a great feeling, right?

Yes it is! Sure beats sitting around stressing out wondering if you’re doing things right!

These three training videos contain some of the most focused, useful insights on living the writer’s life that I’ve ever recorded.

Stand On My Shoulders… Just $79!

I’m sure I could sell this for well over $100 and writers like you would think it is a bargain.

But, my #1 desire is to help you win. I have a wonderful life of freedom and flexibility and I think you should, too.

Because of that, I want to give you access to the entire training seminar for just $79.

That’s right… just $79.

No strings attached and no future obligations.

It’ll Help You… Guaranteed!

Plus, I personally guarantee that you’ll love the program… and that you’ll find it crazy useful.

If not, just let me know. I’ll gladly refund every penny you paid me.

Order the System Quick Start Training Seminar for just $79 today. If you don’t feel like it’s the best investment you’ve made in your writing career to date, let me know and I’ll give you a refund, no questions asked.

Fair enough?

Before you decide, I want to give you one more thing.

Imagine a scene with me for a minute…

You are sitting around with friends and loved ones in the afternoon just enjoying life. Great food, wonderful company.

You’re surrounded by a great home in a location that you totally love… it could possibly be the perfect home and location for you.

As you’re visiting, you feel your phone buzz, notifying you that you have a message.

Curious, you steal a quick glance and read this,

“Joshua… meet Michael. Michael… meet Joshua.

Michael needs a top level, premium writer. I was thinking that you’d make a great fit.

All the Best.


Curious, you look at Michael’s site and see that he runs a major company in your niche. He’s obviously got plenty of money, uses the exact kind of copy you specialize in, and sells stuff you enjoy talking about.

A perfect client just got dropped into you lap.

Within a week you cut an initial deal worth over $10,000 that is likely to take you 20-30 hours of work… and Michael assures you there are tons of other projects to come in the future.


Stop imagining.

This can be reality for you.

What I’ve just described to you has happened to me, in one way or another, dozens of times over the past few years.

What’s more, I’ve helped many other writers experience the same kind of automated client flow over the years.

How do you do it?

I’d like to explain the process to you in a 15 minute 44 second bonus video.

I’ll diagram the whole process out for you and help you see how this kind of automated client flow is possible… no matter what level of writer you are.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Yes, believe me… It. Is. Awesome!!

You get the whole system – including my bonus video on creating automated client flow – for just $79 bucks.

You can grab it here:

One last thing…

I’m Not Crazy…
I’m Enticing You to Come With Me

I bet you’re thinking,

“Joshua is NUTSO… gone plumb crazy… why would he give away all those insights and secrets for $79. It makes no sense.”

Well, I’ll tell you this, I don’t think I’m too crazy (others disagree, but I digress…. lol).

It’s all a sneaky trick to entice you into living the writer’s life.

If you can see that my systems and secrets are good and useful and easy to follow, then you’ll likely want more of my stuff.

You Don’t Need More Expensive Programs, Do You?
You Need Answers!

For example, what if you get right in the middle of writing up a proposal for a client and you have a really specific question that the program and cheat sheet don’t cover?

Then what do you do?

I had that happen all the time.

I’d be thick in the deep end of an assignment for a client and hit an unknown.

“Dang! Bob’s and AWAI’s and Clayton’s program didn’t tell me about THIS! Now what do I do?!?”

I didn’t need a whole new program.

I just needed a simple, quick answer. Just some insights to make sure I was doing it right.

Well, that day is coming for you.

It happens to every writer.

When you hit that wall, I want to be there for you.

But, you have to trust me and invite me to be your mentor and guide on this journey toward the glorious land of the writer’s life.

The only way I know to get you to trust me is to give you my best efforts and my most fair deals right from day one.

Because when you trust me, you’ll turn to me for guidance.

And, if past results from other writers are true indicators, my guidance will help you win.

And I’m in this to help you win!

I get a crazy kick and thrill out of helping people like you ditch the 9-5 job, get rid of taxing stress, and connect to a life of freedom and wealth they dream of.

I’m sure you can see how fun that is for me, right?

So, here we are… at a crossroads.

Are you coming with me?

Will you stand on my shoulders and take advantage of my years and years of successful experience? (That would make things easier for you, wouldn’t it?)

Are we going to head up to the land of the writer’s life together?

Or are you going at it alone?

You don’t have to decide today to make the whole trip with me… just take this little $79 test drive.

If you like it, we’ll move forward.

If not, we part friends, no hard feelings.



Then let’s get started!

Click below and I’ll see you on the other side.

To Your Writer’s Life,


PS Just a couple of the hundreds of comments I’ve received over the years…


“You’ve Got the Job”

I just used the “Discovery Questionnaire” via the telephone and got told at the end, “You’ve got the job, just send over your proposal as a formality.” That’s one for sure landed and I’m talking on Thursday afternoon to the person to whom I sent the other proposal! Woohoo.

Debby Kevin

Columbia, MD

“You Gave So Much”

I also wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have given us during this course…not only your devoted time, but almost every tool one could imagine to become successful at copywriting. I have never been part of a course before where the course leader has given so much.

I truly appreciate everything you have done. I hope we are able to keep in touch through future endeavours.

Take care

Carol Perkins

“Requests for Press Releases, Bios, Website Help..”

Hi Joshua,
Thank you for the information on today’s call. You did make it sound so easy and do-able.

Per your instructions, I recently sent an email to my friends and extended family explaining that I am now working full-time as a copywriter and what I do as a copywriter.

Amazingly, I started getting responses back with requests for press releases, press packages, bios, website help. And all this from one simple email to close friends and extended family. I can imagine what the responses will be when I sent a letter to my business contacts.

Thank you for the “Client Attraction Strategies” Report. It is a valuable road map.

I will let you know what happens next.

Jacqueline E. Peters


“Helped Land a Client I’ve Worked with for Over a Year Now”

Joshua Boswell is a amazing copywriting success – and mentor and coach. His advice helped land a client I’ve worked with for over a year now, with more work coming.

His example includes the ability to focus on what matters most. He has mastered the tools, style and techniques that make for great direct response writing. He cares about the success of others. He simply understands and is able to communicate what brought him – and can bring anyone – success.

David Higbee

Logan, UT

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