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The 7 Step Roadmap to Getting Clients in 2018

In less than a year, I created a six-figure writing business. I’ve written for major companies like Corel, Google, Agora, and General Motors. Each year, I coach and teach thousands of writers the secrets of landing great clients and enjoying real success.

I want to help you make 2018 your best year ever. Will you let me help you? Will you join me?

The first step is to access your FREE roadmap. Inside you’ll find:


A one-page roadmap. See the 7 steps you need to take… and get a clear week-by-week plan for making it happen. You’ll know exactly what to do next


7 detailed training videos. Watch me explain each major step to writing success. I answer pressing questions writers ask me everyday. I give best practices on winning.

Discover all 7 success steps…
Step 1 - Vision
Step 2 - Niche
Step 3 - Offer
Step 4 - Presentation
Step 5 - Pitch
Step 6 - Project
Step 7 - Partnership

“Joshua has mastered how to market yourself as a copywriter, and he shared his secrets with us. I’m excited to put all this information to use to achieve my own version of the writer’s life.”

Jeff Soufal

Online Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

“I have my first client! We are working out the details but they are a really cool company and I am SO EXCITED!”

Susan White

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