The Two Hour Time Machine

How to Gain 2 Extra Hours In You Day

Discover How to Be Less Busy… Less Stressed…

And Have More Time For Things That Matter Most

Dear Friend, 

The biggest tragedy in this world is this: The Life Un-Lived.

Are you so stressed out, busy, and tired that you’re missing out on the really important things in life?

You see, time is the only truly irreplaceable resource that you have. We can never go back and relive the past. Once time is gone… it’s gone forever.

Every minute of your life that is not spent in joy, wealth, fulfilment, and happiness, is a minute lost forever.

I want to invite you to consider putting an end to the chaos… the busyness and stress.

  • Start living life to the fullest.
  • Start living YOUR dreams.
  • Start doing more of the things that matter most… and less of the things that don’t really matter that much.

I know you can do it… because I have… and I know of a ton of other very successful people who have done it also.

I’ve taken the secrets that I’ve learned about living life to the fullest packaged it up for you in a very simple, natural system that will instantly change your life. It is called,

The 2-Hour Time Machine:

How to Stop Being Busy and Stressed and Start Truly Living

The basic idea is that I show you exactly how to reclaim two hours of your timeevery single day – and reinvest those precious hours into doing what matters most to you.

What is more, I take the secret thoughts that make men and women truly successful in all areas of their lives, and show you not only how to free up two hours in your day… but how to invest that time for maximum results…

Results that mean the most to you. The 2-Hour Time Machine is a highly personalized, custom-tailored approach that makes everything in your life better. Think about it… How much closer would you be to your dreams, your goals, your joy, your wealth, your perfect life… if you freed up 2 extra hours every single day?

Meet Some of My Friends

I think about my friend Rick Sapio. Rick lives a life filled with joy, riches, and success. He has a beautiful wife, three
wonderful children, a nice home, and a company worth close to a billion dollars. And, he doesn’t have a smartphone… or even a personal computer at home! If you look inside of Rick’s life, you discover something truly worth envying… His time and his life are his own. He has two hours in each day that drive all of his happiness. He’s rescued those hours from the grasp of a busy, stressed living and put them to work doing things that are really important to him. Like spending time with friends, family, and loved ones… or donating time and money to charitable causes.

No More “Fake Living”!

Or I think about another of my friends, Dr. Dean Duncan, the renowned business leadership and efficiency guru. He is fond of saying…

“Stop doing fake work!”

And that is what is happening to most people. They are getting sucked into the vortex of “fake work”… and it is costing them their lives. And that is a true tragedy.

$100 Million Dollars on a 3×5 Card

Then there is my good friend Mark Ford. He’s built up several companies that have done well over $100 million… and one that is pushing the billion dollar threshold. Mark is pretty tech savvy. He’s not usually far from his iPhone or laptop. But, he sees them for what they really are… tools. He’s the master and not the other way around. His “time management” system used to consist of a 3×5 card. He’s graduated it to a simple text document on his computer… but it’s basically the same idea. He’s not stressed out, busy, hectic, or frantically checking email and social media each day. He’s living a life full of rich relationships, joy, fulfilment, wealth, and peace. Let me give you one last example…

A Peek Inside the Boswell Home

It’s my own. I have chosen to work from home. I regularly put in 10-25 hours of “work” each week. I make a good living. I don’t suppose
Mark and Dean and Rick would call me rich… but, about 95% of the rest of the world would. My days are filled with activities that represent my ideal life…

countless hours of stress-free time with my family and other loved ones.

To me, quality, joyful, peaceful time with my wife and children are the things that matter most. That’s my real wealth… and in that regard, I think I’m the wealthiest man on the planet. In many ways, using the system I will give you inside The 2-Hour Time Machine, I have built a dream life for myself and my family. As a close friend recently said to me, “Joshua, you have near perfect children, a near perfect wife… and really, a near perfect life.” I’m humbled at all my blessings – because all of this goodness has not been ONLY my doing – not even close.

I have had lots of help from lots of areas… friends, mentors, my family, and God.

Frankly, I feel like I’m just getting started. There is so much more that I will be able to do! I want you to understand that I didn’t come up with any of these brilliant ideas. I’ve borrowed them from people like Mark and Rick and others…

Meet RC Peck – Another Great Example

For example, there is my friend RC Peck.

RC lives in Silicon Valley and is one of the most respected money managers and investment advisors in the area. The extremely rich in technology and venture capitalist executives in Silicon Valley go to him for financial advice. RC showed me a few mind secrets that allowed Margie and I to intensely deepen our love and affection and passion for each other… AND more than triple our income in just a few short months. It was pretty incredible… and totally life changing.

Garrett Shows Teaches Me About “Soul Purpose”

Or then there is my friend Garrett Gunderson. He’s the owner of Freedom Fast Track, one of the fastest growing companies in America today, and has been listed on the Inc Fastest 500, several times. Garrett helped me eliminate busy work and replace it with a meaningful use of my time. And the best part is this… the transition from busy to meaningful, happened naturally and almost imperceptibly.

Gain Time… Reduce Stress… Naturally and Easily

That’s another thing that I LOVE about this system… Your life goes from busy and stressed… to peaceful and meaningful… in easy, natural ways and with relatively low effort. One of the things I really dislike about most time-management systems is that they are so complex. You have to read a book, attend seminars, install new programs on your computer, join discussion groups, change everything about your daily routine, remember coding and prioritization systems, create file folders, buy new phones with fancy apps, and on and on…

Just to get organized and be more efficient you have to add hours and hours and days of busy work to your schedule.

Eventually your new time management system takes on a life of its own. All of your time gets sucked into thinking about being more efficient. Your wallet gets emptied spending money on systems, tools, software, and memberships. And, somewhere in the middle of it all, you didn’t get one step closer to your goals and living a life that’s really meaningful to you. In fact, you probably started feeling more stress and worry and guilt because you were not getting it all done, doing it right, and following the system like all the other miraculously organized people you read about on the blog and Facebook.

It’s a Fun Game That Changes Your Life!

The 2-Hour Time Machine is NOTHING like that. I won’t kid you… there are things to do… but most of them are games to be played, not tasks and systems to be learned. You’ll find that playing the games is both simple and natural. You’ll also discover that these games are like a really good song… they stick with you naturally and easily. You don’t have to strain or fight to remember them. You just catch yourself doing it. That’s because these activities… these games you play inside of The 2-Hour Time Machine… change your perspective and way of thinking, without you having to force yourself into new behaviors. Let me give you an example of how it works…

Turn On The Most Powerful Part of Your Brain – Naturally

Like me, I’m sure that you have had the experience of buying a new car. Did you find it odd, that the months prior to buying that car, you never even noticed one of those cars on the road. But, the day after you bought your new car, suddenly a zillion of them showed up. It seemed like there was more of that car on the road than any other. Here’s the thing… you and I both know that those cars were there all along. It’s just that suddenly it became important to you. So, naturally, and without any effort on your part, your mind shifted the behavior of your eyes and ears… and redirected your conscious thoughts to do something totally different. In this case, you noticed and became aware of a new car. You didn’t have to memorize a new system… you didn’t need to buy any special apps or programs… you didn’t need to attend a long seminar or master new list-making skills. It just showed up and naturally things shifted in your life. You’ve done the same thing a lot of times in your life.

You’ve Done This Thousands of Times Unknowingly… Learn How to Do It On Purpose

If you are a parent, do you remember the first time you or your spouse got pregnant? One day you were not even thinking about baby stuff… and the next car seats, strollers, parenting magazines, books, children, and other pregnant people were EVERYWHERE. And you started buying, going to new stores, eating new foods, and shifting behaviors and patterns that you had been doing for years and years… and you made the change in an instant, with no effort, with a lot of enthusiasm, and a naturally as breathing in and breathing out. The Two Hour Time Machine taps into those same, powerful psychological powers. The activities and games will help you naturally and easily change your focus… and thus change your results. You’ll not only gain an extra 2 hours in your day – every day – but you’ll naturally and easily find meaningful, joyful things to do with those 2 hours. Let me show you a few things you’ll find inside The 2-Hour Time Machine

7 Steps That Will Change Your Life – Naturally and Easily

The 2-Hour Time Machine is organized into 7 easy steps – I call them modules in the program. Each step is more like a game and will be lot of fun for you to implement.

Step 1: Emphasis!

Years ago, I had a good friend DJ Jackson who was a professional race car driver. I asked him one day, “How do you handle sharp corners at such high speeds?”

“It’s easier than you think. Most people take corners by looking immediately in front of them. This is the wrong place to look. You can’t anticipate the corner… plus, your car always goes where you’re looking. Instead, I focus on a spot just beyond the curve. The car naturally follows.”

(Next time you take a sharp corner, try DJ’s trick… you’ll be amazed at how smooth and easy you take the corner! Just don’t tell your teens… might try it TOO fast…) Most people are busy, stressed out and ineffective because they are focused on things immediately in front of them. During this first module, I’ll show you how to comfortably and naturally shift your focus away from the stress of the immediate and get your sites set to just beyond the “curve”. I call it “The Miracle of Emphasis”. It miraculously changes everything in your life. You can easily do this by simply asking yourself three magic questions. Did you know that all of your thoughts begin with a question? Usually you don’t consciously think about the question… you just act on the answer.

Change the questions and the answer – your thoughts and actions and results – will effortlessly change as well.

I’ll give you the three magic questions and help you experience the Miracle of Emphasis.

Step 2: Tracking

The mind is a wonderful, amazing computer. It has unlimited resources of power. We just don’t use it as fully as we should. Your mind will answer just about any riddle, solve any problem, overcome any obstacle… if it has the right information. If you are like most people, you don’t have a time management challenge, you just have an “input” challenge. Let me explain… Years ago, Margie and I hired RC Peck to help us with our personal financial management. He said the biggest problem was that we really didn’t know where I money was going. Because of that, we were cutting off our mind’s great power to solve problems. It didn’t have all the right information, so it couldn’t fix things for us. The first thing he had us do was to track our spending so that we could see what was really going on. It was amazing! In a very short period of time we had drastically cut our spending. The best part is that I found that I was naturally making more… almost twice as much! Yes, our minds are truly amazing. Your will do wonders for you… if you give it the right information. Step 2 helps you track your time in a natural, fun, easy way… without costing you a lot of time. It’s so easy, in fact, that the first thing I tell you to do is: nothing! In a very short period of time, you’ll be feeding your mind all the right information it needs to fill your life with things that matter most.

You’ll have less stress and more joy in no time.

I’ll show you how. Oh, and during this module, I’ll introduce you to two fun games:

The Book of Pain and The Book of Joy.

This game includes a two blank pieces of paper and about 10 minutes of your time. You’ll love it. And, you’ll be amazed at how this game sticks with you, like a favorite, happy song. Each time the song plays, you’ll get more joy, productivity, fulfilment and wealth out of it.

Step 3: Gamify

Have you noticed, like I have, that games give you more energy, make you more effective, make life fun, and stick with you? There are actually 8 major elements of a “game”. Once you understand these elements, you can turn just about anything into a fun, natural, memorable game. This can easily become a habit in your life. How will this give you more time to do important things in life? When the hard, challenging, time consuming, or mundane things in life become a game, you’ll get them done in half the time. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who is rushing out of the office to go on vacation if they got their work done faster or slower that day? The answer is faster… a LOT faster. Now, you might be saying, “But, 8 elements of a game. That’s too much to learn and implement in my life!” In that case, you should know that there are actually 3 core elements, and…

you already know how to do all three, without any effort at all!

Put these three to work and you’ll be sailing along having more fun… and being more effective… than ever before. I’ll show you what they are and how to make the most of them right away.

Step 4: Outsource

In your life, every activity can be put into one of four buckets. To free up 2 hours of your time – everyday – you’ll need to stop doing some things.

How do you choose what to set aside?

The good news is that after you do steps 1-3, you’ll be seeing the world through new eyes and will naturally shed some “time dead weight”. Remember the new car story? You just naturally began to see things different and act different. In Step 4: Outsource, I’ll help you discover things about yourself that you never knew before. These things will allow you to leverage every area of your life.

Imagine doing one task… and it suddenly impacts 20 other tasks in your life.

Think of it like turning the key in your car. That one little act has great leverage. Just by turning the key in your ignition, you fire up hundreds of systems in the car and put the power of effortless transportation at your command. What if all your actions in life were like that? Well, they can be! The secret lies in discovering your core strengths… and then surrounding yourself with systems that make life effortless. Let me give you a great example… Sam’s Club has a service called “Click and Pull”. You can go onto their website, set up a shopping list, order and pay for it. Your local Club gets the order and sends around one of their employees to pull all your stuff off the shelf and put it on a cart. All you do is walk in, grab your stuff, and go home. Now, I happen to know that my core strengths in life don’t include shopping or pulling products off a shelf at Sam’s Club.

So, why not let someone else do that? (Especially if it’s FREE!)

I click a button and a system saves me and my dear wife at least an hour. Now, what if I found a responsible 16 year old to make that drive for me? Another hour – at least – has just been saved.

There are thousands of little things like this that you can do.

But, before you do any of it, you need to know your strengths. This is the key to leveraging everything else in your life. I’ll give you the secrets for discovering, unlocking, and then leveraging these things in your life.

Step 5: Crowdsource

If you are not familiar with crowdsourcing as a way to bring more peace, more efficiency, more wealth, and more happiness to your life… then I’ve got a special treat for you. This is an area that is almost totally overlooked by just about every time management guru and system out there, but it can be so powerful! The idea is very simple… A great deal of time and mental energy is spent solving problems in our life… from the simple to the complex. What is you could effortlessly entice dozens – or even hundreds – of other people around the globe to put their brains to work solving your problems? What is they could figure out ways to get past you tricky challenges? And all for free… or very low cost? I’m not talking about general, vague solutions. I’m talking about personalize, customized, just for you solutions. Stuff that makes your dreams come true! That is what crowdsourcing is all about. It is possible because of the Internet and the huge network of social and educational media sites. I will show you how to entice people to help solve our biggest and smallest challenges. I will show you where these people are and how to contact them. I’ll show you how to reward them in ways that cost you little or nothing and encourages them to help you time and time again. This Step will help you begin to dream bigger. You’ll see more possibilities in life. You’ll have a more fulfilling, rewarding vision of what you can do to serve others and fill your life with joy and peace. This Step is a huge game-changer because it lifts your thinking and sets your sights higher than ever before.

Step 6: Maximize and Leverage

In 1906, an economist named Vilfredo Pareto, uncovered that 80% of all the wealth in Great Britain was controlled by just 20% of the population. Looking around, he found that a similar imbalance existed in just about everything around us.

It also exists inside of you.

That is to say that 80% of your efficiency, joy, peace, happiness, and fulfilment comes from just 20% of your efforts and time. It’s staggering to think about, but it’s true. Most of what you do each day is not bringing you the results you want. It is time wasted.

And wasted time is a wasted life.

In this module, I will give you the secrets to gradually, naturally, and easily eliminating those inefficiencies in your life. How would it be to spend every minute, of every day, on things that brought you more joy, fulfillment, peace, and happiness? I’ll be honest with you… I’m not sure that this kind of 100% efficiency is possible in this life. But, I am 100% sure that you can get a whole lot closer to that ideal that you are today. Do you agree? In Step 6: Maximize and Leverage, I’ll show you how.

Step 7: Report

Here is one of my favorite quotes…

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, it is at its optimum.” ~ Thomas S. Monson

With everything that I do in life, I’ve found that the best way to get maximum results is to have a reporting system in place. This is so easy to do… you’ll be surprised. And, with most things that are really powerful, it doesn’t have to be complicated or cost you any great deal of time. In fact, instilling a reporting system in your life is a “time creator”. By using a few minutes each day or week to report your progress and activities, you’ll feel like you’ve gained several hours of productivity, fulfilment, and happiness in your life. I’ll tell you exactly how to set up this reporting system… who should be involved… and how to integrate it into your life seamlessly and with very little effort.

Easy to Learn – Natural to Use

The 2-Hour Time Machine is designed to be very easy to learn. You will get:

  • 12 Video Modules – Some parts of this program are very visual. I will show you exactly what to do so that there is no
    guess work. Each video is short – no more than 20 minutes so that you can get all my secrets in as little time as possible. Plus, it is designed to be consumed over time so that you don’t get overwhelmed. The videos can be played online or downloaded to your mobile device for viewing and reviewing anywhere, anytime.

  • Complete MP3 Files – You will also receive complete MP3 files taken from the videos. This way you can listen to them on the go.

  • Complete Transcripts – All of the videos are transcribed so that you can study and review certain sections easily. Also, if you are a visual learner that likes things in your hands, you can easily print out all of the transcripts or just portions of them.

  • Supporting Tools – A few of the “games” are best completed with scorecards. I’ll give you a number of files that you can use to complete the games. You’ll find that these are so simple that you can use mine… or come up with your own. In every case, if you’d like, this can all be done on a few pieces of blank paper. I did this because I didn’t want technology to get in the way of your new life.

  • The Official Time Machine Guidebook – You’ll receive a simple, clear 2-Hour Time Machine Guidebook. This will guide you through each Step and help you know exactly what to do next.

  • Community Support – We’ve create a Facebook page where you can connect with other people. You will get support, answers, and insights. This is one of your first “Crowdsourcing” resources and can be a great help.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The 2-Hour Time Machine is a very simple system… it gives you 2 hours in your day – everyday. It helps you be less stressed and far less busy. It gives you the time and energy to focus on things that matter the most in your life.guarantee-med As you do this, you’ll be happier, more peaceful and more fulfilled. But, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Try it out for yourself.

I’m going to give you the entire system to try out for a full 30 days – more than enough time to see if this system is for you. Place your order today and you pay just $1. Not a penny more. Just $1.

Try the whole system for 30 days. Watch the videos, read through the Guidebook, jump onto Facebook page and collaborate with others.

Do it all for just $1. Then, after 30 days, if you are not totally satisfied then simply send us a cancellation request.
You can keep all the resources as our way of saying, “Thanks for giving it a try”. If, you discover that after just 30 days you are already gaining at least 2 hour of extra time to do things that matter the most to you, simple keep on enjoying your new life. We will automatically bill your card on file for just $99. After that, you owe nothing more. The entire system is yours… including lifetime access to the Community… all for less than it would cost you to have dinner with a friend. In fact, programs similar to this, in terms of breadth of content and quality, are sold by companies like Nightingale-Conant for upwards of $105. Seminars and live events teaching time management can be as much as $997 a day. By comparison, this is very, very inexpensive. But, I’ve been to many of those and bought many products and systems. As I said before, most of them end up taking on a life of their own… making you more stressed out and busy. The 2-Hour Time Machine is the simplest, most natural, and easiest system I’ve seen. It is the only one that taps into your deep-seated mind powers and makes you more effective, fulfilled, and happy from the inside out. All without a lot of cumbersome systems, technologies, or checklists. As you can see…

I’m taking all the risk here.

You give it a try today for just $1. If you like it (and I’m sure you will), then your card will be billed for $29.97. It’s that simple.

Two FREE Bonus Gifts!

Now before you decide, I have 2 FREE bonus gifts for…

BONUS GIFT #1… First, Free Book “How To Live on 24 Hours a Day” This classic book was once an international best-seller. It was written in the late 1800’s by a witty and practical British author, Arnold Bennett. Inside you’ll find clever ways to maximize your time, get organized, and leverage your personal strengths. It’s a great support to the entire 2-Hour Time Machine system and will be a great benefit to you. Paperback editions sell for $9.97 on… but you’ll receive it for free, as my gift. The special ePub edition that you’ll instantly receive can be read on any computer, laptop, Kindle, iPad, or smartphone. PLUS… I’m working on doing an audio recording of this book. All of my audiobooks sell for $14.95. You will receive the complete, unabridged audiobook for FREE. Download this and listen from any MP3 player or computer. You’ll naturally and easily reduce your stress, have a good laugh, and become more fulfilled in life. Together, the audiobook and the paperback sell for $24.92… but they are both your as my gift!

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This classic short story will help you see time and your purpose in life through a totally different lens.

Just another way that I’m going to help you naturally and effortlessly gain more time and become happier and more fulfilled. Again, all of my audio books sell for $14.95… but you’ll receive this for FREE. PLUS… I’ll give you a digital version of the book so that you can read along or review it later on. Remember, the hard copy is long out of print. Cheap paperback versions sell for $9.34 on Amazon… if you can find it in stock. If you just bought all of the gifts I’m giving you, you’d pay a minimum of $49.21… but I’m giving them to you as my gift. No cost at all.

Get Started Now!

Get started right now for just $1. I’ll give you instant access to the entire 2-Hour Time Machine system… plus the bonus gifts I’ve promised you. You have nothing to lose… and at least 2 hours of free time in each and every day of your life to spend on things that really matter most to you.

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To Your New Life,


Joshua Boswell