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Hello Fellow Copywriter,

Joshua Boswell here.

I have coached, trained, and taught more than 5,000 copywriters over the years.

I carefully track my students’ results. I want to know what creates success… both fast success and long-term success.

I have noted the people that achieve their dreams the fastest, are the ones that have a private coach.

The challenge is that typically, private coaching is very, very expensive.

I personally have paid over $2,000 per month to have a private coach.

That is just too expensive for most people.

For a long time, I’ve been thinking that there has to be a better way…

A way to give high-level coaching to people who really want to win… but can’t afford $2,000 a month (or even $1,000 a month… or even $500 a month).

I’ve finally found a way to make it work.

I call it:

The Winner’s Edge

For just $49 each month, you get:

Private Coaching – A private 1-1 coaching call with myself or one my certified coaches.
Weekly Success Training – Weekly success strategy, winning mindset training videos.
Hot Seats – Access to a monthly group call focused on Hot Seats.
Winning Community – Membership in a community of like-minded, highly ambitious, success-focused people just like you.
Success Tools – Free high-performance coaching tools to help you set goals, make plans, stay accountable, organize your time, and communicate with your coach.
BONUS! Monthly Book Discussion – Once a month, we will gather to discuss a book. The discussion will be moderated and action oriented.
BONUS! Private Interviews with Hyper-Successful People -Each month a new interview is released and gives you a rare insight into the life and mind of the super-successful.

My Simple Guarantee

You’ll love it.

Plus, I guarantee, every time you read, listen, review, or study information from Copywriter Marketer, you will get insights you love and action items you can use right away.

I can’t promise you that you’re life will change… only you can do that.

But, I do promise that you’ll get stuff you love and that has worked for others.

If you don’t love it, you can cancel and I will stop billing you immediately.

If you pay for a year membership and cancel early, I’ll give you back the money for the unused months.

Cool? Fair? Make sense?

I think so.

If you think so too, then let’s get going and start working together to give you the mindset of a super-star winner that has it all in life.


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