The Ultimate Shortcut for Getting Copywriting Clients


This is Your Chance to Swipe ALL of My Systems, Secrets,
Forms, Scripts, and Procedures
to Quickly Land Clients…
and Have Steady Client Flow…
So You Can Enjoy the Writer’s Life to the Fullest.

From: Joshua T Boswell, CEO and Founder, CopywriterMarketer.comJoshua T Boswell and Margie Boswell

Dear Fellow Writer,

If you’re wondering where all the “great high-paying clients” are, I have an exciting proposal for you.

If you take me up on this proposal it will cost you exactly $1.

That’s the bad news…

The good news is that, if you accept my offer, I’ll gladly give you…

  • Unique insights on where to find high-paying clients
  • A step-by-step system for attracting and closing great clients for a lifetime
  • Business strategies that allow you to steadily charge more…and work less
  • Dozens of shortcuts and business hacks
  • Full details on access and maximize your inner genius
  • A lifetime of updates on all of these systems…

I’ll tell you more about all of this in just a minute…

But first, I have a question for you…

Can You Close Clients At Will?

If you wanted an extra $2,000 today, could you get it?

What about an extra $20,000…could you close a client and bring in that extra money at will?

If not, why not?

During the past decade of working on my own copywriting business…and working with thousands of writers like you…I’ve discovered the biggest problem with finding clients…

No system.

Most writers have great writing skills…

They want to live the writer’s life…

They see others like Bob Bly, Clayton Makepeace, and John Carlton making money hand-over-fist…

But, they themselves don’t make a dime.

What’s worse, far too many of them don’t have a clue about how to find and close clients.

Forget landing clients at will…what about just finding ONE client?!?

And, then, what about consistently finding clients and making the income flow like a steady stream instead of dripping like a leaky faucet??

Can you relate?

Yes, most writers can.

That’s because there are two challenges in the copywriting industry

First, an obsession with writing skills.

We’ve been told that there is such a huge demand for writers that if you can write, you’re in business.

Companies will beat a pathway to your door and beg you to write for them.

How’s that working out?

Here’s the truth…

Most companies that need writer’s don’t need great writers…

They need good writers.

In some cases only OK writers.

Their problem is that they can’t find anyone that is a good writer.

You won’t believe this, but companies looking for writers are just as frustrated as you are.

They’re wondering, “Where are all the good writers???!!”

Why can’t they find good writers?

Because all the good writers are so busy working on their writing skills to become great writers that they don’t market themselves.

Even worse, they don’t know how to market themselves.

So, companies are wandering around looking for good writers…

And good writers are sitting around practicing writing skills hoping, wishing, and praying that companies will magically find them.

After all, that’s the big promise right?

Write good enough and the world will beg you for copy.

If only it really worked that way.

It doesn’t.

It never will.

The reality is that you need to actively market yourself.

And, if you don’t, you’ll end up in the dust heap of “great” things that were never discovered.

Are You Great…But Undiscovered?

For example, I bet you know someone (maybe your momma?) that can make a better pizza pie than Dominos.

I know my biscuits and gravy recipe beats the pants off the cardboard paste they are selling at Denny’s.

But, your momma and I are not likely to get rich selling pizza and biscuits and gravy anytime soon…and Dominos and Denny’s are sure to make millions on those very items this year.


Because they’re the best?


Because they have a killer marketing system.

Clayton Makepeace is an awesome copywriter…but I guarantee there’s a better writer out there, sitting in obscurity, wondering how to find and close clients.

(Maybe it’s you?!?)

I told you there are two things that stop writers from living the writer’s life…

The first being an unhealthy obsession with writing skills.

The second one is the lack of a marketing system.

Do You Have a Simple, Effective Marketing Plan?

Let’s just be honest with each other for a minute…

You probably didn’t spend a lifetime studying marketing, did you?

Most writers come from different industries…they are veterinarians, chemical engineers, office managers, moms, dads, surfers, home inspectors, and who knows what else.

They come from just about all walks of life…except marketing.

I don’t know why…but that’s the way it is.

And, it’s a sad twist of fate, isn’t it?

They have great writing skills…and no foggy clue about how to make those skills turn a profit.

Actually, I don’t think it’s just sad…I think it is not right.

Why should you – a person with writing skills and the desire to live a life of freedom and success – be kept from the writer’s life just because you don’t have a system for finding and closing clients on a consistent basis?

Frankly, it makes me mad.

I meet so many writers that are better writers than me…

Yet, year-after-year, I bring in hundreds of thousands…while they wonder where all the “great-paying” clients are.

I Organized All My Systems…For You

In June 2010, after being a successful, six-figure copywriter for exactly five years, I decided to change things.

I did something that most writers only dream of doing…

I blocked out my calendar for 3 full months…

During that time, I went back and carefully documented everything I’d done to create a six-figure copywriting business in less than 11 months.

I pulled together all the emails, all the contacts, all the conversations, all the contracts, all the templates, all the thought processes… everything I’d used during that first year.

Then, I did the same thing for the other four years.

I carefully looked at the process I used to attract clients…close them…upsell them to more expensive services…arrange retainers, partnerships, commissions, and joint ventures to maximize my income.

Over those 5 years, there were a number of times when I’d taken a small project, starting with a tiny $500 fee…and upsold the client until I’d made well over $50,000 (or more)…

I documented that whole process.

After everything was documented, I went back and spotted where I’d wasted time…noted what didn’t work…cleared out my mistakes and bad choices (as best I could, I’m not perfect, you know!).

Then, I organized all of it into a system.

My goal was to create a simple system that I could give to other writers…

writers with little or no marketing experience or know-how...

and have them follow a step-by-step plan to find and close clients…

Not just once, but for a lifetime.

I thought the system looked pretty good.

But, would it work?

Would My Six-Figure System Work for Other Writers?

I decided to put on a special one-day event and teach it to a group of writers.

I call that event How to Make Six Figures in Six Months as a Copywriter.

Seating was limited to just 30 writers.

Six months later three of them were six figure writers.

A year later, to the best of my knowledge, a total of 7 of the had hit the mark.

Now, that’s not bad, but it wasn’t good enough for me.

So, over the past few years, I’ve been tweaking my system.

I realized that one of the biggest problems was that I based my system on being a full time writer…

And, the reality is that most writers have day jobs. They are building this on the side so that they can get out of their jobs and live the writer’s life.

To really perfect the system, I began doing private coaching.

I’d try things in my own business (yes, I’m still an active writer)…then teach it to one of my students…and track the results.

Over the years, I’ve done private coaching with over 100 writers.

Plus, I’ve put together three different mastermind groups…all focused on helping writers enjoy the writer’s life.

As the years have gone by, I’ve been very careful about documenting every step of the way.

Constantly refining my system.

The results have been incredible…

with dozens of writers doing well over six-figures…and hundreds consistently landing clients and hitting their income goals.

And, for a measly $1, I want to give you access to these years of research and results…compiled in a simple, step-by-step system that you can use to really enjoy the writer’s life.

I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first, let me tell you something surprising that I discovered over the years…

Three Things You Must Have to be a Six-Figure Writer

Lot of experts and companies out there teach copywriting skills. I’ve long thought that AWAI, Bob Bly and those associated with them are the world’s best at teaching these skills.

But, it frustrates me that more writers aren’t making a great income.

They wonder where the money is and how to get their piece of the $3.6 billion copywriting industry.

If they have writing skills, why aren’t they making money…big money?

Digging deeper, I found that many of them have access to marketing ideas – niche programs they’d bought from different experts…

But they still aren’t making money.


I have found that there are three major things that a writer needs to succeed…

First, you need writing skills.

Yes, you do need some writing skills. Your copy has to perform and solve problems for your clients.

Even more important, you need confidence that your writing is good enough.

It can be scarier than a freak show to approach clients that you think will laugh at your copy and tell you it stinks, right?!

Second, you need a simple, easy-to-follow, effective marketing plan.

You need to be able to find clients (or better yet…have them find you!…yes, it’s possible)…

Close those clients at honest, but high fees…

And get repeat projects and a steady stream of clients so you’re not always groveling for business.

Most important, you want to have a system that lets you consistently make more money, but work less hours.

That way you’ll have more money and more time to enjoy that money as the years go by.

That’s what we call The Writer’s Life.

Finally, you need the right mindset.

If you can’t get the butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation, then it doesn’t matter how good your plan is…or how killer your writing skills are…you’ll never have the courage or the motivation to make it happen.

Let’s be honest…we all have fears…we all face doubts…we have stupid habits that stop us from success…

If you and I were super heroes, without fear or frustrations, we’d already be millionaires living on a private island somewhere in the tropics.

Since that’s not us, we need to work on our mindset.  

The Secret to Unlimited Client and
Making All the Money You Want

The key element of having the right mindset is tapping into your natural genius.

You see, there is something really wonderful…almost magical…inside of you.

It is your unique center. The thing that makes you who you are. Inside of this area of genius, you are 100% unique. No one is just exactly like you…anywhere.

When you play life inside of that area of genius, you have the ultimate USP. No one can touch you.

And guess what?

There is a group of people and companies out there that are waiting for YOU. They need your unique insights, your unique skills, your unique story, your unique writing style.

They need you and are willing to pay a great deal of money for you.

If you think that isn’t true, then you have never fully operated within your area of genius…and so you have never attracted those people that are inspired by you and will pay handsomely for what you have to offer.

You don’t have to be a Clayton Makepeace…or a Mark Ford…or a Bob Bly…or a Joshua Boswell to live the writer’s life and live life according to your dreams and goals.

You just have to be the REAL you.

Finding the REAL you is a function of having the right mindset and seeing things as they really are.

I can – and will help you get there.

No Limits to Your Lifestyle and Success

The good news is that when you have these three things in place…

  • Writing Skills,
  • Simple Marketing Plan,
  • Effective Mindset…

there is no limit to the kind of lifestyle you can enjoy.

If you really want to know the secret to my success…and the success of other great writers…this is it.

And because I know that, I’ve been able to create an incredible lifestyle…and help hundreds of other writers find and close clients in a way that helps them live their version of the writer’s life.

I’d like you to benefit from all of this too.

What do you say?

Yours for the Taking…
All of My Secrets and Systems in One Place

Recently, I decided to open up all of my secrets, systems, and formulas to other writers.

I’m talking about full access to an ever-growing library of checklists, plans, shortcuts, and systems.

Everything you need to gain confidence as a writer…land clients…and enjoy an effective mindset…all so you can finally enjoy your version of the writer’s life.

Plus, I’ve developed a powerful system for understanding your true genius. When you know this it’s easy to craft a compelling Unique Selling Proposition that will make you stand out from the crowd.

You’ll eliminate frustrations, overcome personal barriers, and feel a sense of freedom and confidence that you never thought possible.

All of this is stored in what I call, “The Writer’s Success Studio”…or just The Studio for short…because that is exactly what it is…a studio where we can dream big dreams, discover your area of genius, and create systems for making those dreams come true.

Inside The Studio you’ll discover proven systems, get ideas on what’s working now, connect with other copywriters, tap into your true potential, and find valuable shortcuts to help you zip past the learning curve with confidence.

Take a look at these four main sections of The Studio

Monthly Newsletter: The Winner’s Edge

The Winner’s Edge is a video newsletter that gives you detailed instructions on how to create total success in your life.

The Winner’s Edge will include special resources like audio files, templates, examples, and other tools to help you win.

Each edition of The Winner’s Edge will contain a section on Writing Skills, Marketing Methods, and Winning Mindset….plus a special message on creating total success in your life.

Inside, you’ll discover powerful resources like:

  • Using LinkedIn to create an unlimited stream of clients
  • Secrets on making your current project your best marketing tool
  • 3 steps to tapping into your personal genius everyday, every proposal, every project
  • The single key to turning the power behind fear into your ally
  • The one writing skill that will double your response rate…making you a hero to your clients
  • Marketing templates to make attracting and keeping clients fast and easy

Plus, much more…

The insight’s you’ll receive with The Winner’s Edge cannot be found anywhere else. These are some of our best insights and strategies…and, yes, they are yours for the taking once you join us.

Each idea, skill, template, and resources has been tested and proven effective in the field of daily living, marketing and writing.

I only give you things that I know have worked in the past.

But that’s not all…

Because I’m actively building my businesses, writing, and helping writers like you live the writer’s life, I have my pulse on the world of copywriting. I know what’s working and what’s not…

Each month, I will give you updates on where the industry is going and how you can position yourself to stay current and relevant.

(The world changes so fast! It is easy to become extinct…remember VHS and cassettes…?)

Which brings me to the next major resource you’ll get as a Studio member…

Answers HQ

Every day, the world changes.

As I said, doesn’t it seem like things are moving faster and faster?

Yes! Technology makes it hard to keep up. Where do you focus and what’s most important for your business?

And, will what worked last year still be relevant today?

Change always brings questions…questions that need to be answered to make sure you stay relevant and profitable.

To help you stay relevant and answer your most pressing questions, I’ve put together a resource that is not found anywhere else in the writing world.  

It’s called Answers HG.

As you know, I’m a working copywriter, just like you.

I also run a marketing agency that aggressively promotes copywriting services.

In other words, we’re using this stuff.

We are constantly testing new ideas, new technologies, new messages, new systems, and new approaches.

Plus, because of my unique connection with thousands of copywriters, I also get a ton of questions and insights from copywriters at all levels…beginners, advanced writers, and A-Level superstars.

As we uncover what works and what doesn’t, we’ll share that with you in the Answers HQ section.

This unique resource is organized in a powerful Wiki…similar to Wikipedia.

Answers and Resources for Every Aspect
of Your Writing Business

It’s designed in a Q&A format.

As you come across challenging, new, or unfamiliar situations, you can go to Answers HQ and type in your questions.

It is likely that you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

And, if you don’t…you can create a question ticket. Send us any question you have. We’ll have the right expert answer the question.

Not only will we send you back the answer, but we’ll also post your question and answer on the Wiki.

In this way, Answers HQ will stay the most useful and current writer resource available anywhere….constantly growing with current trends, strategies and insights…plus answering the most current and pressing questions that you have.

It makes sense right?

Many of the questions you have today about growing your business, dealing with clients, overcoming fears, etc…are the same questions other writers have.

We are actively collecting those questions…and providing quality answers in a powerful, searchable wiki that will become an invaluable resources for you.

Where did we get the first set of questions and answers?

Over the years, I’ve done thousands of phone calls, seminars, interviews, and private coaching sessions with writers.

I’ve collected hundreds of questions…and my own answers…plus answers from other industry experts…and safely preserved them in Answers HQ.

For example, you’ll find answers to questions like this…

  • How do I land my first client…even if I’m brand new to writing?
  • When is my writing good enough to get paid?
  • How do I stop getting low paying clients and double my rates, without doubling my time?
  • What are the most profitable niche markets?
  • How do I discover my strengths?
  • How can I avoid feeling like I’m isolated and detached from the world as a writer?
  • How do I get past my fear of rejection and failure?
  • What is the fastest way to land a client?
  • What are the most valuable writing skills I need to get started?
  • I’m a seasoned writer, how to I take my writing skills and income to the next level?
  • How do I juggle my writing business with my family and full time job?
  • What about a spouse or family members that think writing is a hoax and won’t support me?
  • I’m writing a series of emails for a client’s nurturing sequence. Is there a template I can use to make it go faster?
  • Do you have a contract template I can use with clients?
  • How do I follow up in email with a client?
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!

You’ll find answers in a variety of different formats…

  • Video answers…complete with charts and diagrams
  • Audio answers. These might be interviews, dialogues, or recordings from live presentations
  • Written answers
  • Copy and paste templates, tools, and resources

This is not a program or course…this is a massive, growing resource of insights, tools, templates, and answers to help writers at every level.

Especially you!

On to the next section…

Private Blog: The Write Shortcut

Don’t you want to get things done faster?

It means making more money in less time.

To do that, you need to take a few shortcuts.

I’m not talking about cheap-cuts or shoddy work.

I’m talking about LEVERAGE.

It is doing things in a way that gets really quality results faster and easier.


There is always a better way of doing things.

I have 5 acres of land and about half of it is lawn. I can mow those 2.5 acres of grass with a manual push mower…or a riding lawn mower…or a tractor with huge batwing mower decks attached to it.

Either way, the lawn gets mowed…but depending on how I do it, and what tools I use, determines how fast and how easy it is.

Do you really want to write for 12 hours a day to make a six figure income as a writer?

Or do you want to have a life filled with fun, friends, and good works?

The fun stuff right? Yes!

Ok, then you need to learn how to leverage yourself. You need to take a few shortcuts to get things done faster.

I’m all for working hard on my business and for making a great income…but I don’t think either of us should sacrifice our health, our relationships, or anything else.

We can have a wonderful, fulfilling life in every category of our life.

This private blog: The Write Shortcut, is devoted to helping you leverage your time…to doing things in a high-quality, professional, super-efficient and fast way.

Inside of The Write Shortcuts, you’ll find things like…

  • 7 High Leverage Life Hacks simple tricks for maximizing your time. You’ll ask yourself one simple question that will transform your writing results and income.
  • 2 Hour Time Machine Insights strategies that will help you free up 2 hours a week for things that matter most. What would you do with an extra 2 hours of 100% free time each week?  
  • Cut Writing Time in Half – Double Your Income! You can speed things along considerably. With these strategies, you’ll be able to 2x, 5x, 10x your income with very little increase in time commitment. Proven with hundreds of other writers like you.  
  • Minimal Marketing… Maximum Client Flow. Most experts say that you should spend 20%-40% of your business time marketing. But, if you’re marketing, you’re not making money…and if you don’t market, you can’t make any money. With my insights, you’ll leverage your writing for clients so that it doubles as marketing.

And that’s just the beginning.

New shortcut ideas and insights are added all the time.

You’ll get complete details so that can crank up your efficiency and enjoy a really great lifestyle.

Plus, as a Studio member, you can submit The Write Shortcut requests.

Feeling stuck? Wonder what to do next? Feel like you’re wasting your time? Want to get some projects done faster and make more money?

Just ask…if we have answers, we’ll whip up a Shortcut for you and post it…no extra charge. It’s all part of your membership!

Now, let’s look at the final section…

CM Connect

Over the years, I’ve discovered that one of the most powerful aspects of success is having a connection with other successful, ambitious people.

In fact, I’ve never heard of or seen a “lone ranger” have success without support, mentorship, and connections.

All athletes – from little leagues to the Olympics – have coaches and support staff.

All executives and business owners have mentors and staff.

All great copywriters have a support system.

That is why I’ve created CM Connect.

It is a private Facebook community where copywriters gather to share ideas, lift each other, and build successful connections.

What’s more…

CM Connect gets the focused attention of my team and me. You can ask questions…and get specific, unfiltered answers.

So, in summary, you get all of this with your Copywriter Marketer membership…

  • Monthly Newsletter: The Winner’s Edge…stuffed with insights, secrets, and resources for writing success, constant client-flow, and a winning mindset.  
  • Wiki: Answers HQ…growing daily to become the most useful and easy to use resource for writers in the world. Have questions? Need templates? Looking for resources? Answers HQ will help you!  
  • Private Blog: The Write Shortcut…gives you details on how to get things done fast and easy so you can enjoy the writer’s life more fully
  • Private Facebook Community: CM Connect…with a world of successful, focused, ambitious copywriters who are eager and excited to win. Get answers from experts – including me and my team.
All of This – For a Full 30 Days – For Just $1

That’s right…your investment for a full 30 Day membership – with unlimited access – is just $1.

Why would I give away a lifetime of proven marketing techniques, writing skills, and mindset secrets for such a low price?

Because I LOVE helping writers like you live the writer’s life of freedom, security, and success.

Plus…I’m not totally stupid…

I firmly believe that once you see how powerful and simple all of these systems are, you’ll want to stick around for many months and years to come.

Yes, I’m sure that you’ll want to stay up on the latest changes, access proven systems and stay connected with others. A monthly membership investment is just $1.

A paltry sum for the vast library of success you’ll enjoy.

You can cancel at anytime – with no obligation.

Test drive the whole system for 30 days.

If you don’t LOVE it and get incredible value…just cancel.

I’ll refund your money and we’ll stay friends. You’re always welcome back.

But, I think you’ll see the great value and stick around.

So let’s get started!

Click on the Add to Cart button below now.  

Add To Cart – Just $1

I’ll See You on the Inside…


Joshua T Boswell
CEO and Founder,

“I’m swamped”

Hi Joshua!

Your program is so awesome! I changed my profile with the agency I had been working with to reflect your “packaging” and I am swamped. It’s not really where I want to be because the money is not anywhere near what is reflected in your course. I want to be independent. But until now, I didn’t even realize the money potential!!! And I get to pick-and-choose my clients, and they really send me great stuff. I’ll grow from this and continue to work on the assignments.

Thanks for everything,

Monica Coleman, JD

Political Strategic Planner & Media Professional, Washington, DC

“You’ve Got the Job…. Woohoo!”

I just used the “Discovery Questionnaire” via the telephone and got told at the end, “You’ve got the job, just send over your proposal as a formality.” That’s one for sure landed and I’m talking on Thursday afternoon to the person to whom I sent the other proposal! Woohoo!

Debby Kevin

Copywriter, Columbia, MD

“Almost Every Tool One Could Imagine”

I wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have given us during this course…not only your devoted time, but almost every tool one could imagine to become successful at copywriting. I have never been part of a course before where the course leader has given so much. 

I truly appreciate everything you have done. I hope we are able to keep in touch through future endeavours.

Take care,

Carol Perkins

Copywriter, HR Management Consulting, Calgary, Canada