Would you please talk a little bit about testing the outcome of our work? Does the client expect us to offer to do testing, or is this not what we do as writers?”

Jan 12, 2016 | Q&A

 Everybody you write for should do some kind of testing. They should be testing headlines, leads, content on their website, social media messages. They should be testing and tracking everything. And if you find a client that’s not, then they’re leaving money on the table and you are leaving money on the table. If you’re writing for them they want to see is results. If they’re not testing, you’re not getting all the results that you possibly can.

You as a writer should be very adamant about encouraging them to test every time they put out some copy. And it’s not hard to do.

So what does that mean for you as a writer? That means that you should always be offering to give them two different versions of stuff. If you’re doing an e-mail, give them two different subject lines. If you’re doing a long copy sales letter, give them two headlines. If you’re doing a social media campaign, then give them two different versions of the ad. If you’re just doing content on the website, give them some different headlines or phrases or things that they can test. By offering to do this for them it makes you more valuable.

The second part of it is, “Does the client expect us to offer to do testing?” The answer is no. You shouldn’t do that unless you’re really technologically savvy and understand how to do the testing. If you can, then you should charge them for it. But they should have a tech team. They should have some kind of a webmaster. They should have a social media expert. They should have somebody who’s dealing with their e-mail and they should have an e-mail client. That e-mail client should have those resources and tools on it. You don’t have to implement it or execute it, you just write the copy for it and you present the idea for it. And you insist that they track as they go.

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