“In your program you talked about telling a client they could increase revenues by x percent or maybe get x number of customers when you were trying to get their business. How did you know that?”

Jan 13, 2016 | Q&A

First of all, I ask a TON of questions in the beginning stages of the relationship. I use a formula I call, “The Easy Conversation”. It contains 3 simple questions that I ask over and over again, in different ways and from different angles, to really understand my clients’ businesses. That helps me. From there, I know that if they do certain things their business will grow. For example, I know if they start using the Four U’s in their subject lines, headlines, leads, and site copy, they will almost certainly double their response rates. If they segment their list and have more personal conversations they’ll get better results. I don’t know exact growth numbers and I don’t promise exact growth… but I can make best-guess projections and give ideas on percentages.

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