“How good of a copywriter do I need to be to start getting clients? When do I know I’m good enough?”

Jan 13, 2016 | Q&A

You might not believe me, but you need to be about a “C” level writer. Seriously. Ok is good enough. Here’s how you know: Do you know what a headline and lead is? Can you writing those using the 4 “U’s” (urgency, uniqueness, ultra specificity, and usefulness)? Do you know what a Big Idea is? Do you know what a promise is? Can you craft some Proof for your Promise? Do you know what a Close and False Close is? Can you craft a nice PS with some glicken? When you know what those terms mean… and can use them a little bit… then you’re ready. And you can find all that out in about 3-5 hours of study. So go for it!!!!

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