Mental Preparedness and Immunity to Criticism

Jan 19, 2017

Selling your services as a copywriter marketer, essentially positioning yourself as someone who can help your clients in many different areas of their business, is like a live theatre presentation, with the people inquiring about your menu of services being like the audience of a live show.

That may sound a little unusual, but the correlation is absolutely true, as people come into your world of copywriting and marketing consulting to be informed, educated and delighted, as they make what will be one of the most important decisions of their lives.

And, just like a live performer, you have to be ready when that curtain goes up, when that interaction begins, to perform at your best and to provide the best and most memorable experience possible for your prospects and soon-to-be clients.

This involves being ready with the right attitude, the right demeanor, and the right selling and communication skills, unhindered by any outside or personal issues that may be going on in your life.

You’re there to do a job, and that’s to take care of clients and to have your services create better prosperity for their business (and for you.)

One thing that has served me well over the years is to “compartmentalize“ others areas that may be challenging at the time, to say to yourself that, yes, there are other issues and concerns to be dealt with, but, for the time being, you’re going to focus on the task at hand…selling clients and creating the best customer experience in your marketplace.

Essentially, put anything else going on into the drawer and close it until you can look at it later…once you start this, you’ll be amazed at how effective and empowering it can become.

The same goes for how you react to criticism…

When promoting and selling your copywriting services, and dealing with so many different types of people and situations, it’s very important to be clear on your purpose and values.

Knowing what’s important to you in business, and approaching it with the mindset of trying to accomplish the best for your clients, and of course not compromising your integrity, will allow you to be strong when faced with comments or situations with other people that may be critical in nature.

The “immunity to criticism“ will allow you to persevere to be your best, and to serve others as best you can.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and to have concerns, questions or comments about business negotiations around their own levels of perception. While it’s important to understand their point of view, it’s equally critical to hold firm in your beliefs and in how you listen to and treat clients.

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