Are You Content With Your Life?

Dec 30, 2019

A Very Dangerous Question…

I was a big flirt.

In fact, I was voted biggest flirt in junior high.

I’m not afraid to admit that as a teenage boy, I really like girls… and I really like their attention.

One day, half a dozen of us were driving down the road on our way to a date and then party afterwards.

My date – a gal I’ll call Beth – was, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful young ladies at my school. She was popular, athletic, and seemed to be good at just about everything. I was wildly excited to be on a date with her.

But, about 30 minutes into the date, it wasn’t going as I thought it would. I thought Beth would be full of life, happy, and confident. I was looking forward to having a great time, including some fun, playful, insightful conversation.

The problem was that Beth didn’t see herself like that.

She turned to me and asked a question that really bothered me and totally turned me off.

Thousands of Writers Ask Me the Same “Question”

Now, before I tell you the question she asked… and before you think I’m the biggest jerk in the universe… let me give you an insight I have after working with thousands and thousands of writers and winning-writer hopefuls over the years.

Is that you? Do you hope to take your skills and writing talents and become a world-class writer?

If so, I think this insight will be very interesting to you.

I work with a lot of writers that are like Beth…

I’m not talking about physical beauty, I’m talking about their writing skills and their experience in life.

They have everything they need to win as writers. The right skills, the right experience, access the right resources and tools.

When I meet them or review their situation, I think, “Yes! They have the right stuff and can win their dream lifestyle.”

But, then they don’t.

Are You Content With Your Life?

Let’s be honest…

Are you as far along in life as you hoped you’d be at this point?

If not, I’m 95% certain, its not because you have a lack of skills, the right background, or access to the right resources.

There is something else holding you back from transforming your life.

Beth’s question to me holds the answer, so I’ll tell you about it in a minute…

But first, consider a conversation I had just the other day with one of my high-end coaching students.

“Just One More Course, That’s All I Need!”

“Ok, Jill, give me an update.” I said in our call.

“Well, I just finished a certification program on SEO and am working on my certification on white papers. It has been really busy and I haven’t been able to produce my content or do the marketing plan we created. But I’m getting close.”

I paused and took a deep breath. I needed to say something and didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“Jill”, I said, “I’m really proud of you for doing those courses and getting certified. If we are going to work together, I am going to ask you to commit to do something for me.”

“Um… Ok. What is it?”, Jill asked. I could hear the hesitation in her voice.

“No more courses for one year. You need money. You need clients. You need to transform your life. Writing skills won’t help you do that. You have enough. You are already enough. With what you have you can easily build a $250,000 annual income as a writer. But not if you keep taking writing courses.”

I paused to let that sink in… and then went on…

“Not only that, but I need you to unsubscribe to all the newsletters, promos, etc… of the companies selling you that stuff. It is distracting. There will always be a new skills, new sale, new offer. You need to focus.”

A long, long pause.

“You’re right,” Jill said, “I’ll do it.”

I let out a war victory whoop and jumped up and down and congratulated her. (I get a little crazy at times. I love seeing people grow!)

What’s Happening Inside You?

As odd as it sounds, Jill and Beth had the same issue.

So, let me tell you Beth’s question to me and show you what I mean…

Beth turned to me and said, with total sincerity and concern, “I’m not sure about this shirt. Do you think it shows how fat I am? 

As I stared at her trim body, I thought, “Fat?! Fat?! What is she talking about? I don’t think there is a tiny bit of fat on her body.”

I realized in that moment what had been bothering me about Beth since we picked her up for the date. 

Her self-image was terrible.

Even though everything on the outside appeared to be just right, inside she was a mess, constantly beating up on herself, constantly seeing herself through a losing lens.

Jill was the same way.

She had it all going for her… on the outside, we could all see it… but on the inside? She was a mess. She was sure that just one more program, one more skill, one more positive review of her writing would fix her up.

You know what I mean?

It Affects Everyone…
But You Don’t Have to Live With It

Look, every human being has been there, at one point or another.

In big and small ways, we all suffer from a failed self-image.

Your pursuit of the dream lifestyle will end up in the painful ashes of failure and disappointment if your self-image doesn’t change.

I have an option for you – a way out, a clear path to your dream lifestyle.

Over the years, I’ve helped dozens and dozens of writers successfully take this journey and win their dream lifestyle.

If that journey interests you at all, I’d like to tell you about one of my students, Caroline.

Hear Caroline’s Amazing Victory Over Self!

Inside this detailed case study, I tell you about Carolines inner-battle, her amazing victory, and the 7-step process we used to help her win.

You can check it out here:

At the end of Caroline’s story, I tell you how you can apply to get similar results in your life… but even if you don’t apply, the 7-step process is very powerful and will help you boost your self-image and win.

Take a look…

To Your Best Life,


P.S. After years of doing surgery, counseling with thousands of patience, and performing controlled studies on self-image, Dr. Maxwell Maltz said this:

“The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.”
~ Maxwell Maltz

I have always said that we get of of life who we are, not what we want… who we are is defined by how we see ourselves.

By working together, we helped Caroline see her real self. The results are amazing. Check it out…

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