How Become an Expert

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  • Total Confidence

    After working with thousands of writers, I realized that a MAJOR problem they faced was confidence. 

    Have you ever felt that? 

    It shows up by avoiding doing marketing and finding clients. 

    “I’m not sure my writing is good enough.” 
    “What if they ask me to do something that I don’t know about?” 
    “I don’t want to embarrass myself… what if I don’t even know what they are talking about?” 

    These kinds of questions are common… and every one of them can be solved by understanding the secrets behind becoming an “instant” expert. 

    When you know how to find relevant, useful, powerful information… at lightning speeds… you’ll have the confidence to take on any project, any time. 

    I know… I was there and felt this same fear. When I discovered how to become an expert in any field, I felt free to market myself and charge top prices. 

    And so will you!  

  • Get Paid Top Dollar

    Who makes more money? 

    The amatuer athlete… or the pro? 

    The doctor in residency… or a top heart surgeon? 

    The newbie copywriter… or the A-list expert? 

    Yes – the pros and the experts always make more money. 

    I’ve mad 2x-10x more money than other writers… doing the exact same projects. 

    That’s because I know the art of positioning my self as an expert. 

    It is surprisingly simple… It takes just 7 simple steps. I’ll give you detailed instruction on all 7 steps and show you how to apply them. 

  • Clients Come to You! 

    Imagine… instead of you constantly begging clients for projects… they come to you, with money in hand, and ask you to write for them. 

    Is that a reality? Can it really happen? 


    Do you think Bob Bly, Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton, and other top A-list writers are out there begging for writing gigs? 

    Nope. The money comes to them. 

    That’s because they are well-know, well-established experts. 

    But, do you really need to spend 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years pounding the pavement to gain the ellusive “expert” status? Or, is there a better, faster way? 

    Yes! There is. Crowing someone in our society as an expert is a well-established rite of passage. You just have to hit the right buttons and pull the right levers… and boom! you’re seen as an expert. 

    I’ll show you exactly how to do it (and at an insanely discounted price!) 

But, why should I give it to you at such a low price? 

Hey, I remember… very well… what it was like to just get started. 


I was $200,000 in debt and seriously wondering each month, each week how I was going to put food on the table for the six little children we had at the time. 


As I learned how to make a great living as a writer, I immediately desired to help other writers do the same. 


I wanted to give back. I wanted to lift up. I wanted to inspire and empower. 


It’s only natural, right? Yes – it is. 


So, this is my way of doing it. Give you a sweet 91% discount on one of my most powerful systems for landing high-paying clients to help you get on your way. 


I want to see you living your dreams, making great money, and filling your life with things that matter most. That is what brings me joy. 


So, will you join me? 


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I have an incredible bonus for you… 


30 Day Unlimited Access Pass: The Winner’s Edge Plus


The #1 request I get is this: “Can I get some personal, 1-1 coaching to help me?” 


Every great athlete has a great coach.


Every great businessman has a mentor.


Every great student has an amazing teacher. 


No success story in the history of the world ever happened without a coach, mentor or teacher. 


I don’t think you’re the exception. I certain am not. 


I have Bob Bly, Perry Marshall, Mark Ford, Clayton Makepeace, RC Peck, and many other wonderful mentors and coaches to thank for my success. 


You need a coach. 


But, a coach can be CRAZY expensive. 


Most years I spend close to $50,000 just to have access to a really smart people like this. 


But, I get it… writers – especially new writers – don’t have this kind of cash. 


So, I created an amazing program that allows you to have a coach and access to all the tools you’ll need to make a great living as a writer. 


Today, with this VERY LIMITED offer, I’m giving you unlimited access to The Winner’s Edge Plus – my coaching and training membership program. 


Inside, you will get… 

  • Unlimited private 1-1 coaching calls with a certified coach to help you land great, high-paying clients, using the same strategies hundreds of my successful students have used. 
  • The 5 Step System for Landing Great Clients… my step-by-step simple process that shows you how to take your writing skills and turn them into the lifestyle of your dreams.  
  • Proposals that Sell… a simple system that shows you how to write proposals… and do in-person proposals… so that clients hire you for top dollar and give you tons of respect.  
  • Weekly video trainings to help you stay current, inspire you, and give you the secrets to enjoying a great lifestyle as a writer. 
  • Monthly LIVE group training webinars… includes personal coaching and strategy sessions.

The Winner’s Edge Plus sells for $149/month. And it is well worth it. No other coaching program offers unlimited coaching at this price… let alone unlimited access to some of the best programs in the world for living the writer’s life. 


But, I’m giving this to you FREE for an entire 30 days. 


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Of course you can cancel at anytime, for any reason. But, I think you’ll stick around, like hundreds of other writers have before you because of the amazing investment this. 


But, a final word of warning… because I’m offering such a massive discount on my most valuable training… and unlimited, private 1-1 training… I can’t keep this offer up forever. 


When the countdown timer hits zero, I will take the offer down and everything will go back to full price. 


Now is the time to act. 


Now is the time to take charge of your life and finally start living the writer’s life you’ve dream of having. 


I can help you with this. I’ve helped hundreds of others. 


Let’s get started…


To a Life Filled with Things That Matter Most,