Yes! We’re Hiring! Would you love to work for Copywriter Marketer? Then read the overview below! 

Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 6th… Joshua’s Birthday! 🙂 


Every day, we change people’s lives. We inspire people to shift their mindset, achieve their goals faster and reach for high performance as copywriters and marketers. We do this through our science-backed, best-in-class marketing and copywriting online courses, books, research projects, live training events, coaching services, online communities, and social media initiatives. To date, we’ve served over 30,000 copywriters and marketers from around the world.


Our mission is to help copywriters and marketers build client attraction systems that bring in high-paying clients year after year. 

We are role models and hard-working professionals who practice what we preach and:

  • Deeply commit to our own personal and professional development
  • Aspire to be the best in the world at what we do
  • Challenge ourselves daily
  • Take care of each other
  • Love our diverse clients worldwide, and
  • BRING THE JOY in all we do!

Those are our everyday values and it’s just who we are.

At work, we’ve created a fun, positive, inclusive, high-performing culture, and we are proud to lead the industry in integrity, research, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

For 16 years, we’ve used online services and digital marketing strategies to reach people worldwide with copywriting and marketing services. Major companies – including Google, Sony, General Motors and others – have used our services. Thousands of copywriters and marketers have transformed their lives and created the lifestyle of their dreams following our systems, strategies and programs. We have thousands of unsolicited testimonials and intent to get tens of thousands more. 



For one reason: You feel that it’s part of your calling and purpose to be part of a TEAM that exists to help people change their lives. You want to make a difference and inspire behavior change, in measurable ways, at extraordinary scale. You want to join a TEAM of hard-working, heart-centered people who believe in the personal power and potential of others. You want to be inspired by the culture of the company you work with every day, and you want to know your work makes a difference. And, you actually LIKE change!

Through our brands and platforms, your daily contributions do matter — your work helps inspire tens of thousands of people to commit to create a better life by building a copywriting and/or marketing business.

At CopywriterMarketer, you will be mentored by, and collaborate with, people who operate at the highest levels in the copywriting and marketing industries. You’ll learn more about advanced human persuasion, copywriting and online marketing campaigns in six months here than most people learn elsewhere in a decade. Our team jumps in and helps on every aspect of what we do.



All of our positions are remote/virtual. In general, but not in all cases, we hire people as independent contractors for a few months as part of a specific project to gauge their work, autonomy, character, and excellence. After that, if they are a fit and prefer to work under greater direction we offer part-time or full-time employment with benefits. Either way, your next step is to apply so we can decide, together.



You must LOVE being part of a positive, supportive, collaborative and smart culture where everyone challenges themselves and pride themselves on being reliable, disciplined, creative, and fun. We’re going to push you to contribute your best because our work matters. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in a startup-vibe. You have to be willing to do dozens of tasks, big and small, as there is no ego here and we all do what’s needed to innovate and serve.

This is a company dedicated to high performance and excellence, so if you don’t resonate with that you won’t qualify or enjoy this work.  

Please Do *Not* Apply If:

(a) You think copywriting is lame or online marketing is too salesy.

(b) You don’t excel at team communication.

(c) You can’t manage yourself and get stuff done.

(d) You want to be the “star.” (We’re looking for integrators, not performers, entrepreneurs, or influencers).

(e) You don’t care about how things look and feel; you’ve never obsessed over branding and design.

(f) You don’t LOVE obsessing over the details in the customer journey.



We are only seeking EXPERIENCED and qualified candidates, with a minimum of FOUR (4) years experience in the specific role. 

We are looking for long-term teammates! We will directly ask you if you feel you can work for us for at least 4 years. We want those who will jump in with full heart and commitment. We are not a side-hustle culture. We’re the top company in our space, so we’re looking for top-level talent and we’re not shy about that.

Start Date: January 2021 to February 2021.

Compensation: Dependent upon position and experience. We offer standard salaries in our industry, but we start you with projects to prove yourself then promote from there. If you’re looking to make your millions as an entrepreneur or copywriter, please go do that elsewhere — we hire for team operations here. If you want to work for a huge company of thousands of people, and have stock options in a big public company, then go do that elsewhere too. We consider ourselves a startup still and always will.

Virtual Position, Based on Performance – All positions are virtual with flexible hours. You must be proactive. You can work from home and will have flexible hours. We will gauge success based on very specific, simple performance numbers. 



Please do *not* apply if you do not have FOUR YEARS MINIMUM of real-world experience in the following positions. We are looking for pros.

Copy Coach. Must have 4 years of copywriting/writing/communication experience.  You will critique copy for students and do occasional 1-1 coaching calls. You should have a great eye for detail and understand conversational copy, persuasive copy, and content creation. Must be positive, encouraging, and willing to speak directly, respectfully and openly about how students can improve their copy. Belittling comments are not allowed in any form. You will work with 10-30 students at a time providing 5-20 critiques per student over a 3-6 month period of time. Most copy submitted to you will be under 5 pages. Critiques should follow the template and guidelines we provide to you. 

This is a virtual position. Part-time or Full-time. 

Online Sales Professional. Must have sold over the phone and/or online as a primary occupation for a minimum of four years and be comfortable selling at price points of between $2,500 and $25,000. Education industry and a consultative sales approach preferred. Message people on social media platforms following a sales script. Call people and engage in a consultative/coaching sales approach, also following a script provided. You must have excellent follow up skills and a desire to truly do what is best for your students and clients. 

This is a virtual position. Full-time. 

Social Media Community Manager. Must have excellent communication skills, understand Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin platforms and have graphic design experience. Copywriter who understands – or willing to quickly learn – the CopywriterMarkter culture and can build community through commenting on posts, answering questions, celebrating success stories, writing case studies, etc.  

This is a virtual position. Full-time. 



Please do *not* apply if you do not have 4 YEARS MINIMUM of real-world experience, in the above positions.

Follow these steps:

  1. Please consider the start date of January 2021 to February 2021.
  2. Film a video of yourself talking about which role you are applying for, and why you want the job. Also tell us about your favorite job you’ve ever had, and about a project you’ve had that didn’t go well and how you handled it. Keep the video under 7 minutes.
  3. Post the video on YouTube (you can keep it as an “unlisted” post so only people you give the link to can view it) or send us a Dropbox link to view. 
  4. Write a 1-page cover letter telling us briefly about your relevant background and experience; why specifically you are passionate about helping people and working with CopywriterMarketer; and what your desired starting salary range would be. If you miss any of these points, we cannot consider you.
  5. Send an email with your video link and your cover letter to hiring@copywritermarketer.com. Put the ROLE TITLE you are applying for in the subject line – nothing else
  6. If we are interested, we’ll reply within 5 business days and ask you to join us for a group interview via Zoom. If you make it through the group round, you’ll have a final interview with Joshua Boswell and your previous interviewers or a member of your potential team.

NOTE: If you do not follow the above instructions EXACTLY, you will be immediately disqualified. 

We are an equal opportunity employer. We respect and seek to empower each individual and support the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our teams. All aspects of employment including the decision to hire, promote, or discharge will be based on qualifications, merit, competence, performance, and business needs.


Application Deadline: 

Wednesday, January 6th… Joshua’s Birthday! 🙂