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Our Team

Like with most things in Joshua’s life, Copywriter Marketer is a family affair.

The real owner and boss of the company is Margie, Joshua’s dear wife, best friend, and ultimate inspiration. No words can express how much Margie is loved, revered and respected.

You won’t see her name much around here, but make no mistake, she’s the real reason for our success… and consequently, the success of so many of our members.

You might consider sending her some chocolates as a special thanks!?

Susan helps with coaching and Joshua’s mastermind.

She is Copywriter Marketers head coaching expert. If you’re getting 1-1 help with your copywriting Susan is who you’ll talk to!

She’s been part of the team since the beginning and runs several companies in the health industry. She’s a master copywriter and business consultant.

While she’s not biologically related we consider her a big part of the family!

Esther Joshua’s oldest, is head of customer outreach and PR for Copywriter Marketer.

If you get a phone call or jump on a coaching group, Esther’s on the other side running the magic.

The lead technology expert for the site is none other than Joshua’s oldest son. His name is Joshua, too. He is a master at layout, usability, and membership.

Joshua’s son is also a master at marketing and has extensively studied some of the best marketers in the world.

If you’re sold on Copywriter Marketer, you can thank him! 

Jared, Joshua’s second son, is our master ads manager and tackles content deployment with his wife Miriam.

Isaac tackles the inifitely complex task of organizing the company’s analytics, punches the numbers and is our master website designer.

He currently runs Copywriter Tech Support, making websites for copywriters and managing all their tech needs.

Brigham handles company support and is Joshua’s right hand man.

From setting up the studio to graphic design, Brigham can tackle just about anything Joshua throws at him. 

Mary, Joshua’s second daughter, is a master at video editing and production.

Since Joshua can shoot a zillion hours of video a day, Mary regularly has her hands full in overseeing all video and audio production.

Kathleen (cousin to the kids) is a jack of all trades.

She actively helps with support, website building, research and more.

Our Peers

Industry giants have been our mentors, friends & partners. 

In addition to these amazing workers, we regularly work with and consult with industry giants such as Katie Yeakle, Rebecca Matter, Bob Bly, Mark Ford, Clayton Makepeace, and many others. They’re not on the company payroll, but they continue to have a huge impact on Joshua and thousands of other copywriters around the world. Thanks guys… you’re the best!

Our Clients

Our students and team have had the privilege to work with some of the largest companies in the world.

“Success has a barrier, and the only way to overcome it is through CONSISTENT EFFORT.

– Joshua

Help & Support

Questions, comments or concerns? Our team is here for you no matter what.

Review our FAQ's and documentation for instant support or send us a message.