What Does a “Golden Client” Look Like?

Dec 28, 2016

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients.

I’ve seen the good, the amazing, and … the occasional dud.

In all of this, I’ve seen patterns. I’ve learned you can easily identify a “golden client” … often before you even approach them. Certainly within the first few communications, you can learn to spot really great clients.

What do I mean by a “golden client”?

I mean a client that …

  • pays you a reasonable – or even high – fee for your work,
  • respects you and appreciates your skills, time, and contributions,
  • understands you’re not perfect and is willing to work with you,
  • has high expectations that bring out the best in you,
  • resonates with your passion, purpose, and mission in life,
  • is in an industry and sells products and services that are congruent with your values and world view.

Wouldn’t it be GREAT to have an intake funnel that attracted these kinds of clients on a regular basis?

And, how would it be to have the ability to know all the key indicators of these kinds of clients, so you could verify you’ve got a great one on your hands?

By the end of this week, that’s exactly what you’ll have.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started …

First, let’s talk about clients that “get it.”

They “get” what you do as a copywriter … whether you’re writing direct-mail copy, web pages, social media, emails, white papers, etc … whatever it is, they get it.

And, when they get it … when the really understand … they value you and respect your skills and abilities.

Let me tell you how to instantly know if a potential client “gets it” …

They are already doing it.

That’s the ultimate litmus test.

Does the prospective client already mail high-performing sales letters, have compelling website copy, use good emails, and stay current on their social media?

If they do, it’s a sure sign they understand and get the value of your skills.

There’s a common mistake many copywriters make … they look for companies that “need” good copy … as witnessed by the fact that their direct-mail, website, email, and social media content stinks.

That’s a great way to get a client that doesn’t pay well and won’t respect you.

The reason?

Because it’s a universal truth that “like attracts like.”

Think of it like this …

Who is most likely to buy a Precious Moments figurine? Someone who has never heard of it … or someone who has two or three already?

Now, take it one step further … who is most likely to buy more Precious Moments figurines … someone who has two or three … or someone who has a collection of over 100?

When you think of it this way, it’s obvious to see that “like attracts like.” The more people buy Precious Moments, the more likely they are to buy more of those cute figurines.

What’s more, they’ll also buy Precious Moments cards, rugs, pictures, screen savers, mugs, and anything else that resembles Precious Moments.

Because of this, the first key indicator of a golden client is one that’s already rabidly consuming good copy.

How can you attract that kind of client?

There’s one simple thing you can do right now, with minimal effort …

Demonstrate that you personally “get it.”

Have good copy on your website, in your emails, social media, etc. Drink your own medicine.

When potential clients see your website or read your emails, they should think, “Hey, this writer ‘gets it’!”

This thought will give them confidence and comfort. They’ll be much more eager to work with you.

How do you ensure your copy is great?

Simply follow the expert advice of AWAI …

How does your headline and lead score with the Four U’s? (AWAI students know, of course, that the best way to improve any headline is to apply the “Secret of the Four U’s” … . is it useful, urgent, ultra-specific, and unique?)

Are you brief? Do you show, instead of tell? How about your promises … are they valuable? And, have you applied the “Power of One”?

Just crack open any of the AWAI courses and analyze your copy using the proven techniques of AWAI’s team of experts.

It doesn’t have to be the world’s best copy … but it does need to demonstrate that you “get it.”

Like will attract like.

To wrap things up today, I have a favor to ask … as you may know, I’m a bit of an egomaniac. I love comments, feedback and applause.

Each day, I’d love to hear how you’re using these suggestions. So, surf around the internet, looking at sites within your niche. Can you spot a “dud”? How about a “golden client”? Tell me about your adventures and insights by posting in the comments.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the second key indicator … I call this one the “Communication Test.”

Here’s to “getting it”!


Joshua T. Boswell

Founder & CEO of Copywriter Marketer

He’s been the personal copywriter and business trainer for startup founders, authors, 
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