Time Management Systems and Positioning

Jan 5, 2017

I want to give you some information about the area of time management and positioning yourself, some critical thinking that not many people ever hear about…but could be essential to your long-term success as an entrepreneur and professional copywriter.

Your position as a leader in your business as a highly skilled writer of influence is a decision that YOU make…the individual decision to become the best positioned, highly persuasive and most trusted professional in copywriting and direct marketing.

Don’t confuse the business you’re in with its deliverables, meaning you have to realize that you’re not in the ‘copywriting’ business, which is the same business as other writers. You must be in the ‘expert, trusted advisor’ business, to both your prospective clients and to the people who make the investment in the value you’re representing.

When you go to potential clients and present yourself, in many cases their guard goes up. They perceive you as someone there to get something from them. This is when “sales resistance” sets in.

But, when somebody discovers who you are and the unique experiences and values you bring to the table, and then takes the initiative to seek you out and request to speak with you, you have the opportunity to present yourself as their guide to a new way in promoting and selling their products and services.

This unique door of positioning opens up and allows you to meet, to ask, to listen and to help them with their decisions, allowing them to do what feels right to them, with your guidance.

Two of the top factors in people making their buying decision include the level of trust in and the level of respect for the other person they’re dealing with.

When you combine this with a quality service you provide and a thorough presentation to your prospective clients, you’ll have a winning combination that’s very hard to beat in the marketplace…because others won’t take the time or put in the effort needed to create this platform of promotion.

Now, a comment on ‘time’:

Convince yourself that no one’s time is more important than your own.

When you imply that the prospect’s time is more important than yours, you’ve put yourself below them, which will instantly lower their respect for you. And when that happens and they perceive you to be insincere, that automatically diminishes trust.

When you cherish and respect your own time, you don’t waste too much of it on prospects that are not likely to buy. As a result, prospects will intuitively perceive that you are not a time waster. That makes them feel good about doing business with you when they want your copywriting marketing services to help them in building their business.


Joshua T. Boswell

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