The #1 Superpower Every Copywriter Should Have

Jul 10, 2021

“You don’t need years of experience. Because I’m giving you my proven path to success.

If you follow my 4 key principles you will feel more confident. Contact your ideal clients with courage. Discuss any project. Earn the fees you deserve. And live the life you dream about..”

Last night, Eve, my youngest daughter, convinced me to watch Frozen 2 with her.

I prefer reading to the kids before bed…but she helped Margie with dinner.

So I thought she deserved to pick the night’s activity.

If you’ve watched the movie you know Elsa, the main character, has a superpower. She can freeze and melt large bodies of water and ice.

Super cool, right? So I started thinking. If I could make a wish, what superpower would I want to have?



You might say, “Joshua, that’s not a superpower! That’s a skill!”

Before you decide I watch too many Disney movies, think for a second.

If you have confidence, you are willing to try incredible things.

Climb Mount Everest.

Apply for the next moon expedition.

Or reach out to your first client! 

Confidence isn’t something you’re born with. On the contrary. Anyone can learn it. And it improves over time with practice.

So would you like to have this superpower?

“Joshua, do something!”

In high school, my dream was to become a really good basketball player. I would go to all of the school games. I wanted to be like the other guys on the team because I admired their talent, success and fame.

So I rushed home after school and practiced. Sometimes until very late. I would forget to do my homework, skipped dinners, and left my room in a mess.

This drove my mom crazy! Until one day when she couldn’t hold back any longer.

She shouted at me, “Joshua, if you want to become a basketball player, tomorrow you’ll sign up for the team. If this is your dream, you need to take action”.

I resisted, “But mom, not yet. I need to practice more! The guys on the team are a lot better than me!”

We ended up in a huge fight, slamming doors. First I felt angry. She tried to force me into something I wasn’t ready for.

But after I cooled down, I realized she just wanted what’s best for me. Helping me to reach my dreams.

And she was right. Playing alone in my backyard won’t help me grow as a player.

But I felt terrified. What if I wasn’t good enough? Everyone would laugh at me. I would never make friends again. My mom would be so disappointed.

Don’t you feel the same when you’re struggling to get a client?

When you’re scared to make a move because you might fail?


Most New Copywriters Feel Like A Fraud

If you’re like most copywriters, you’re facing these types of challenges.

We want to be A-level copywriters, earn 6-figures. But when it’s about taking action, we freeze. We don’t believe we can do it.

We don’t reach out to clients because we don’t have enough experience.

Even worse, what if they hire us, and we don’t know what to do next?

So we enroll in new programs. “If I take one more course I’ll be ready.”

And I did the same.

What if my persistence is annoying? Or if I fail on my first project? I’ll embarrass myself, and they’ll never hire me again. Everyone will know I’m a fraud.

So I waited… And waited… For that magical moment when I would wake up with confidence.

Until I understood…it’s not going to just happen.

I had to change my mindset. The way I saw myself. The way I felt about my skills.

So I took my mom’s advice. To actually DO something.

I began by making hundreds of cold calls. Of course I was anxious and frightened. But I knew I had to support my family, so I fought through those feelings.

Despite many failures, I had some successes.

I began to understand that confidence could be learned by simply taking action and not quitting. The lesson was often painful, but each call I made helped me gain more confidence.

And today, after years of practicing, I improved my skills.

I can land a client when I want.

I can speak to the CEO of any company.

And…I can provide for my family.

You know why?

Not because I changed my clothes in a phone booth to Superman.

It’s because I learned that confidence comes from action.


4 Key Principles To Gain Confidence

You don’t need years of experience. Because I’m giving you my proven path to success.

If you follow my 4 key principles you will feel more confident.

Contact your ideal clients with courage.

Discuss any project.

Earn the fees you deserve.

And live the life you dream about.

#1. Do It!

Build and reach out to people in your network.

Tell anyone you know you’re a copywriter.

Own the title “Copywriter”

Ask your friends and family if there’s any writing project you can help them with… or maybe they know someone that might need help with their copy.

#2 Imagine the Joy

You are the solution.

Your clients need effective communicators and persuaders.

Imagine their joy when they listen to your ideas…

The joy when their revenue grows because of you.

The joy when the money hits your pocket.

#3 Results Are Only Feedback

Not everyone will say yes to your approach.

But that’s ok.

You only need 3-5 clients to have a steady income.

Each “NO” is one step closer to “YES”.

#4 Review and Revise

Do you like cold calls?

Or prefer to send out emails?

Maybe a networking event is where you see yourself approaching clients?

Check what’s working for you and move on to a different approach if it doesn’t bring the results you’re looking for.


Start Every New Project with the Can Do Attitude

It’s time to get out there and gain confidence. Whenever you try to find excuses, put your confidence hat on.

I don’t have experience – And will you ever if you don’t start creating some?

I don’t think I can write – How do you know if you don’t try?

What if they say no – What if they say yes?!

Any more excuses on your arsenal?

Bring em on.


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