Perfectly Free

Oct 1, 2020

In the hum and whirl of life, sometimes I don’t slow down enough to really see the world around me… or feel the victories of life. 

Life has an amazing richness to it. 

A HUGE part of being successful… successful in life, in relationships, in copywriting… is being aware and grateful. 

In this video, I stepped onto my back deck and saw and felt things that blew my mind. 

It might not be that impressive to you, but you’ll understand why I felt compelled to grab my phone and share with you.

Check it out… 

In the video I make a slightly failed attempt to quote John Locke. 

Here’s the real quote ?

“Men are perfectly free to order their actions, and dispose of their possessions and themselves, in any way they like, without asking anyone’s permission—subject only to limits set by the law of nature.” ~ John Locke, Second Treatise on Civil Government

My friend… today is the day to decide you will reclaim your natural rights to order your life any way you like. 

I’ll give you some insights on how to do that in the video. 


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