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Time Management Systems and Positioning

Time Management Systems and Positioning

I want to give you some information about the area of time management and positioning yourself, some critical thinking that not many people ever hear about…but could be essential to your long-term success as an entrepreneur and professional copywriter. Your position...

One Ship – One Port

One Ship – One Port

Today, I want to talk about the a reason why Grandpa Boswell was so incredibly successful in his lifetime. He used an incredibly simple – but powerful – principle that I call, “One Ship, One Port”. To understand this concept, just think of a ship. Sail Anywhere in the...

What Does a “Golden Client” Look Like?

What Does a “Golden Client” Look Like?

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients. I’ve seen the good, the amazing, and … the occasional dud. In all of this, I’ve seen patterns. I’ve learned you can easily identify a “golden client” … often before you even approach them. Certainly within the...

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