NEW Copywriting Tutorial: How To Write The Ultimate Headline

Jun 21, 2021

“I’m totally confident that if you decide to implement any one of these action items, you’ll see a difference. There will be a marked improvement in your marketing, your writing, and your overall quality of life.”

Want to Know The 5-Step Secret Method to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines That Convert?

What drives people into your copy? What makes them want to read further and take action? What makes your copy impossible to ignore?


The headline does 90% of the heavy lifting. Write a weak headline and your readers won’t care about the rest of your copy. They won’t bother to read further.

Doesn’t matter how hard you worked on your copy. If your headline is weak, your efforts will end up in the trash.

But if your headline is powerful, your writing will take off. Your response rate will be through the roof. And you’ll have a tremendous amount of success.

My Terrible Mistake – Why Most People Ignored Me

Without even glancing my way, the man reached out. He grabbed my suit coat and shoved me back. This was the third time in one single day. In less than a couple of hours. I felt frustrated. Annoyed.

I looked at my brother, only to see him hysterically laughing at me.

We were in the middle of the street in Apeldoorn, a city in the Netherlands. I was serving there as a missionary for two years. But because I had just started, my Dutch wasn’t very good yet. I knew a few words but not enough to have a proper conversation. My brother, who just finished his mission, came to visit me for the summer.

I think it was the hottest day of the month. At least that’s how I felt wearing my dark suit. Walking down the street, I could feel sweat dripping from my forehead.

As part of my daily routine, I would stop pedestrians and ask if they wanted to learn more about what we taught. Most people turned their heads and walked away. Others physically pushed me out of their way.

It felt almost impossible to succeed. My brother, Ben, blinked at me and said: “watch and learn”.

Then with a confident posture, he approached the next man walking our way. “Do you speak English?” The man nodded.

“Awesome, can you tell me what’s going on with the Netherlands soccer team? I’m from the US and just looking for some updates.”

They immersed themselves in the conversation. Half an hour later my brother hands him our literature. Then schedules an appointment to go teach this guy.

My jaw dropped. Is he a natural persuader? Or is it me who’s doing something completely wrong?

Well, guess what… Guilty as charged.

I was making a catastrophic mistake with my opening line. And it made people instantly ignore me. I was trying to get into a conversation that I wanted to have. Ignoring whatever was going on in their mind.

My brother, on the contrary, knew how to approach them. You see, the Netherlands was in the World Cup that year. So he started talking about soccer. Show me one Dutchman who wouldn’t be proud chatting about his team! There isn’t one.

Step Into Your Reader’s Heart And Mind

It’s the same in our copywriting world. You and I as writers have to step into the hearts and the minds of our readers. If we talk about something that’s in our interest, we lose them. They’ll ignore us and won’t spend a second to read further.

So the secret to writing winning headlines is to GRAB ATTENTION.

You cannot have a conversation with someone unless you grab their attention. If you miss this point, they’ll walk right by you. Press the exit button. Ignore your email, sales letter, or social media content.

You won’t get them to engage with you, let alone buy from you.

They won’t like your page.

You won’t persuade them to do anything.

During my 20+ year career, I’ve tested so many headlines. I’ve analyzed dozens of my student’s headlines. I generated more than $1 million dollars in revenue for one of my clients just by fixing their headline.

And the headlines directed at the reader ALWAYS win.

But how can you grab their attention with so much going on around them? How can you make sure they’ll take their precious time to read your content?

5 Steps To Create Killer Headlines

To make it easy for my students to create great headlines, I devised the S.A.U.C.E. method. It’s 5 simple steps to help strengthen your headlines. And make even the busiest person read your copy. You can expect dramatic response rates with this method.

S – Specific

A mentor and good friend of mine, Mark Ford, taught me the importance of being specific. 

Specificity attracts the right audience, and turns away the wrong audience.

Specificity sells. It allows your reader to have a clear understanding of what value you are offering. And should describe the distinct benefit of your Big Promise.

A – Actionable

People want results now. Not tomorrow, not a month from now. Today!

Does your headline give them something they can do and put into practice right now? An action they can take today to bring them more money, more friends, healthier skin? They need to know they can act immediately if they read your copy.

U – Urgent

A sense of urgency will motivate your readers to take action. And read your copy to find out how to take action.

Good copywriters are persuaders who get people to do something differently. To think differently. Talk differently. Smell differently, or spend their money differently. And to do that you have to instill a sense of urgency.

C – Clear

Human beings will never act in the face of confusion. Confusion causes paralysis.

And clarity always breeds action. You need total clarity about what you expect them to do. What your message is about. When your headline is perfectly clear and compelling, your reader will dive into your copy without a second thought.

E – Emotional

People buy with emotions, and support their decision with logic.

Emotional words activate your reader’s brain in a way that helps them remember what you’ve said. That’s why facts tell, and stories sell.

You have to aim at their heart strings. You need to know the reader well enough to know which emotions drive them. So include at least one emotional word in your headline.

These are the 5 simple steps I use to create attention grabbing headlines that motivate your reader to action.

With this method, you can now create powerful, attention grabbing headlines. Or fix some old ones. Run them through the S.A.U.C.E. method. Make them impossible to ignore. And expect radical results.


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