How I Manage My Freak Out

Apr 6, 2020

During this crisis, we have an opportunity to enhance our lives, to become better, to build businesses, to reach out to clients, improve the world.

Discover the three things you should do immediately when you face major challenges in your life. 

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“Every single crisis is your time to decide: ‘Am I going to increase who I am as a person? Or am I going to decrease? Am I going to be a victim here? Or am I going to be a champion of my own life and create the success that I absolutely know that I can have?’”

Full Transcript

So, when the world goes completely insane, how do you manage? How do I personally, how do I, Joshua Boswell, manage my own internal personal freak-out mode? 

Now, if you know me… I’m sitting out here on my deck and my daughter’s over there working on some seeds, and I got the kids playing downstairs, my son just got done barbecuing some chicken for us for dinner, which I got to go eat in just a minute.

But if you were to ask any of these guys, if I had an internal freak-out mode, they would all be like, “Oh, yes, dad can freak out pretty good.” 

Well, so how do you manage that when things go crazy?

Just like everybody else in the world or most everybody else with the current crisis in? A lot of stuff when berserk in my businesses and in my world, a lot of my clients completely lost their businesses. 

A lot of my dear friends have had to shut the doors on their stuff and they’re having significant challenges in their life and it all impacts me and impacts people that I love, and maybe it has impacted you. 

So, in those moments of crisis, how do you manage that internal like, “Ah!!! freaking out mode”? I can tell you this, if you don’t manage the freak out mode then it’s going to totally consume you, it will absolutely consume you because the media stuff you’re seeing in your inbox, conversations you’re having with people around you, all of those things are pushing you toward fear, uncertainty, anxiety, higher stress levels, disappointment, all that kind of stuff. 

So if you don’t manage it right now, it’s like my garden — if you look back here behind me, we rototilled our garden today. It was full of a bunch of weeds that had sprung out through the springtime. If we don’t manage the weeds, they get out of control and pretty soon they’re like, just way off the charts. Huge. 

That’s the way people’s lives are right now, so many of the stabilizing influences have gone berserk and haywire. So, we don’t have those in our lives. So, the weeds are just growing out of control. So how do you manage that?

Well, I want to share with you three specific things that I’ve been doing right now in the last couple of weeks to manage my own internal freak-out mode, and to make sure that I’m on my game, and that I’m producing and still doing the things that I need to be doing to support you guys to feed my family, to achieve my dreams, to make big changes in the world, all that kind of stuff. So, I think that these things will be super useful for you. So, let’s talk about what they are.

Okay, so number one. The very first thing that I did as the crisis came on is I decided to enhance my morning routine. I’m going to enhance my morning routine now. 

Now, I have five specific things that I do every single morning and I decided to reevaluate each one of those and really look at, “Okay, is this the best thing that I can be doing? Is this going to help me stay focused, stay positive, stay connected? Is this going to help me do the things that I know I need to be doing?” 

So, I looked at every single one of those components and decided I was going to enhance and improve those. So, for example, I reevaluated the time allocation that I’m giving to my personal prayers, to my scripture study, to my planning, to my stretching and exercising and getting my body moving and in motion. 

I’ve enhanced that and tried to reevaluate, can I make this more effective? 

The reason is, because if you win your morning, you can win your day. And if you win your day, you can win every week. If you win every week, you can literally win your entire lifetime. 

So you’ve got to think about how you can enhance your morning routine so that, right, first thing in the morning, you’re winning your morning already. You’re anchored, you’re grounded you know what you’re doing, you’ve got great goals and ambitions, you’ve got great aspirational statements. I mean, you’re really thinking like, “Okay, I can achieve this. I can do this.” 

You’re connected with God or with infinite intelligence, you’re meditating, you’re pondering on things, and you’re really building. To me that morning routine is my protective barrier and my launch pad. It anchors me and it gives me the power and the strength to face all the other stuff that could possibly happen in any part of a given day. 

I’m a major, major fan of Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner, because it asked questions in there that helped me get refocused and visualize what I’m going to be doing through the day and really strengthen my activity and my preparations for what’s going on. 

All of this stuff just gives me more control and a bigger ability to handle the stresses that are definitely going to be coming at me every single day in this new crisis. 

(If you hear some scratching in the background, my son is cleaning the grill from the chicken that he just cooked. So hopefully it’s not too distracting.) 

So, that’s the first thing that I do, is I make sure that I deepen or that I enhance my morning routine, because if I can win the morning, I can win the day. If I can win the day, I can win the week and if I can win the week I can do anything that I want in life. So that’s number one. 

Again, as a reminder, enhance the morning routine. Now, I don’t know what your morning routine is. I hope you have one. If you don’t, I recently released a program called The Wellness Mastery program. I go in depth, so if you want to learn more about my personal morning routine, and maybe some good insights on how you can do it, you can go get that program for free right now. There’s no cost. It goes into great depth into the morning routine, and there might be some great insights in there for you. So you can see that at

All right, so that’s number one, enhance your morning routine. 

Number two. Number two is deepening– right now I’m deepening my relationships. I’m deepening my relationships. 

First of all, I’m deepening my relationship with God so that I can hear better, listen better, be strengthened better. 

Second of all, I’m deepening relationships with people that matter most to me, my family, because at the end of the day, after all this crisis is done, there’s going to be people in your life that really matter most to you that really when all the chips are down, when everything falls apart, of all the wealth, of all the money, of all this stuff, of all disappears, then there are going to be people, it’s going to be relationships in your life that really bring the joy, the happiness and the satisfaction anyway. 

So, I look at it and I say, “Okay, I’m going to deepen those relationships.” Plus, in deepening my relationships, the thing is that this is where my power and my strength come. 

I mean, what else do I fight for if it’s not the people that I love, this is where I boost my productivity, I boost my thinking, I increase my ability to become a better human being. I enhanced all of that stuff because of people that I love and that I really care about. 

So, I’m going to deepen those relationships to bring more meaning, more strength, more conviction, more focus, more support, more energy, more love, more significance into my life, if there was ever a time to deepen the relationships, it’s right now. So how do you do that?

Again, relationships with God for me, relationships with my family, relationships with people who I serve in my church community, relationships with business people, with you guys. Maybe you’ve noticed, but in the last little bit I’ve exponentially increased my outreach to you, my emails, my videos, the free things I’m offering. 

I want to improve that relationship that I’ve got with you and help you through the difficult times that were facing. So, I’m deepening those relationships at every level. So how do you do that? Well, it’s a simple formula.

Relationships cannot be strengthened and deepened without a combination of quantity time, and quality time. So, I’m reevaluating my schedule. 

How can I spend more time with Margie? How can I do more activities, more walks, more yard projects, more service. Just last night we went over to… we heard of a gentleman who recently had his leg amputated. He was a super active guy his whole life. He lives on four and a half acres of property. He needed a ton of work done in his yard that he simply could not do now with his recent amputation. 

So, we just gathered up the family. We spent several hours over there. We’re doing service, we’re connecting with each other, we’re having the joy of spending time as a family and it was just awesome. It was deepening those relationships, it was a quantity time, quality time. You got to have both in a relationship. 

It is never ever, ever good enough to just say, “Well, I’m just going to have quality time in short little snippets.” You got to have the quality time. So, look at your schedule right now, and figure out ways that you can spend more time with your loved ones, with your people. 

Just like I’m doing here in the sense of adding more videos, more content, more e-mails, I’m giving that time to you guys. Just like I’m looking at ways to give time to my family. 

I saw a crazy statistic that in the middle of all this… (if the camera’s shaking because the kids are running on the on the deck, so don’t worry about it, it’s fine, just normal life going on in the Boswell house). 

So, I saw a crazy statistic about how most people are managing this crisis. Did you know that right now there’s been a 60% increase in TV time, movie time and social media time? 

This just blows my mind. Ya know… We have this opportunity to enhance our lives, to become better, to build businesses, to reach out to clients, improve the world, and yet, what are most people doing? Are they spending time improving and deepening their relationships? 

Sadly, they’re not! They’re just booming out on the TV! It’s not going to do anything for them, they’ll be worse off because of the crisis, not better off and the reality of it is that… the reality of it is that every crisis brings an opportunity for greatness, every single crisis and this is your time you got to decide, “Am I going to increase who I am as a person? Or am I going to decrease? Am I going to be a victim here? Or am I going to be a champion of my own life and create the success that I absolutely know that I can have?” Okay? So, deepening relationships on every front. 

That’s my second suggestion for you, find ways to increase quality time and quantity time with those who you love the most.

Now, this ties into my last suggestion for you. This is suggestion number three and that is: Boost productivity. 

Be more creative, do more stuff, build more programs, reach out to more people, add more content, dream and scheme of new projects to do. 

I mean, one of the things that we did in a personal family life is we got chickens and built out what we affectionately called Fort Knox. It’s like it’s this impenetrable fortress so that the coons and the skunks and all the different critters, the dogs in the neighborhood can’t go in and eat up all of our chickens.

How do we know that they are skunks and dogs out there wanting to eat our chickens? We have learned by sad experience. This is just the nature of living out on five acres in the countryside. Like they love chickens, just like we love chickens, but they like to eat them. So, we built Fort Knox, I increased productivity. 

I’ve created three different programs in the last couple weeks. I’m driving my team crazy because I’m like, “Okay, I got an idea. Let’s build a wellness program.” 

I recently built a five step plan on how to make money as a writer right now today, and we’re working on getting that published. 

I built another program, a 12-week coaching program that takes you step by step through the process of becoming a more successful writer and having greater success in your life. (the wind caught all my stuff here…)

So I’m building out all that stuff. I’m working like crazy to increase and boost my production. I’m boosting my production. So I want you to do the same thing. 

Is this a time for you to write more samples, to work on your website, to evaluate how you can provide more value and more resources to your potential clients. The time now is to boost productivity. 

You see, when things collapse, it’s easy to feel like you’re the victim. It’s easy to feel like the worlds falling apart around you, it’s easy to feel like being hopeless and you’re not clear on what to do. When you get into production mode you have a singular focus on achieving a project and accomplishing stuff. It transforms everything about the way you think. 

Instead of spending your time and energy and effort looking at news, fake news or real news, however you want to call it, looking at news, looking at stats on death rates and all this stuff. Instead of doing that, you’re focused on bringing light and solutions and value to this world of ours, you’re going to feel so different about yourself. So, you got to boost productivity. 

So, these are my three suggestions for you, number one, enhance your morning routine. Number two is you’re going to deepen those relationships. And number three, boost your production, your productivity. Produce something, dream something, create something in your business, in your personal life. Be creative, be productive.

Again, I go into… if you want to learn more about this stuff, I did a 10-day free course for you called Wellness Mastery. You can check it out at 

I think that you’ll be just excited about how I go into depth into each one of these, your production, your physical health, your mental health, what you can achieve, how you can accomplish stuff, your morning routines, all of that stuff. 

I go into great depth because I got more time inside a 10-day course. I give you all my best thinking and secrets in these categories with simple actionable things that you can do every single day. So, go check it out.

Also, if you want to see what I’m doing in my other stuff, you can just go to the website. Also, gosh, so many of you, I know at the end of this video, you’re going to see a little clip where I invite you to like this page and share it with others, you’re going to see that again. 

I just want to emphasize it, right now is the time, you can give this gift of the information, the secrets and the resources that I’m sharing with people right now today and boost their life and help them focus and help them enhance their morning routines and deepen their relationships and be more productive and have a sense of well-being and power in their life that we just all need right now. 

So, I encourage you to go out and do it. It’s just a pleasure working with you. 

My challenge for you is this. Enhance your morning routine, deepen those relationships and boost your production. Get stuff done. Cool? All right. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye now. 


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