3 Steps To Keep You Focused With Any New Project

Jul 9, 2021

“Give yourself permission to learn and make mistakes.Take baby steps. And go down your path looking to do things the way other successful people have already done.

3 Steps To Keep You Focused With Any New Project

What a year we left behind, right?!

With everything happening around the world it was easy to lose focus. 

But here you are!

You made it!

Pat yourself on the back.

You got where you are today in the middle of a global crisis.

Whether you’re working on growing your business or building up from scratch, you’re facing some new and extremely difficult challenges. 

And in the middle of reaching for new things, it’s difficult to stay focused. We get distracted so easily.

You think I don’t suffer from the shiny-new-object syndrome?

Let me break it to you…everyone does!

But there’s one thing you can change in your life to help you stay on track.

Forget about fear when facing new projects and focus on your target.

No more distractions jeopardizing your results. You can save up to 2 hours per day. Can you take use of that extra time? I’m sure your family will appreciate it!

The Smallest Distractions Have The Biggest Impact

I remember the excitement when I signed my first project with Corel.

After finalizing the details over the phone, I started planning everything out.

I’d begin the first thing the next day, right after my usual morning routine and since I already had dinner plans with my wife, I wanted to finish a rough draft by 6 pm.

I woke up early with the intention of getting started on the new project. But…with everyone snoozing, I could now hear water dripping in the sink. And it just so happened my toolbox was sitting right there. “Ok, let’s do this fast”, I thought to myself.

Two hours later, Margie found me on the floor covered in dirt with my clothes soaking wet. “We need to call the engineer”, I mumbled.

I got cleaned up and right after breakfast I rushed into my office. I sat behind the desk and switched on my computer. I quickly read some emails then opened up a “New” document.

It’s time to write!

Twenty minutes later I’m still staring at a blank page but out of the corner of my eye, I noticed how messy my bookshelves looked.

Not to be overtaken by the chaos, I took everything off the shelves and then put it all back.

I still wasn’t happy with the new look so I rearranged them three more times. LOL.

Adding the last book to its place, I felt so proud. “Well done Joshua!” Then I looked at my screen. Not even one word written.

So I asked myself, “What would any good writer do in this situation?” Of course! If I tidied up my garage, I would get some ideas on how to start.

I finished 3 hours later, just before our friends arrived for dinner. We spent a lovely evening together and shared a few good memories. And laughed…a lot! It made me forget about the new project.

“Hmm, no harm if I start tomorrow with a fresh mind”, I told myself. But guess what? Next day, same results.

After switching on the computer, the phone rang. My brother wanted to share how someone annoyed him at the supermarket. Then my neighbor, Dan, asked for help to fix his fence. He never says no to me, so how could I not help him?

Looks like I had some productive days, right? But in fact, I was only procrastinating. I distracted myself with things which could have been done after I finished my writing.

Have you ever found yourself in the same situation?

Maybe taking the dog out for a long walk.

Or speaking to the neighbor for too long.

Or doing spring-cleaning in the middle of the summer.

All seeming more urgent than writing.

After training over 31,000 copywriters, I know everyone is dealing with these same issues. And today I will show you how to ignore small distractions. How to face every new project with a confident mindset. And how to create the lifestyle you want. But first let’s see the root of the problem.

Why Can’t We Stay Focused? 

The answer is often quite simple. Because we feel overwhelmed!

When I’m working on a new project, I can get caught up in details. Trying to figure out the next step or how to start. Add to that my self-doubt and all of a sudden, it’s just too much.

I can easily, and subconsciously, distract myself. I don’t feel up to the task. Not only that, but I put stuff off because I don’t feel “ready” or prepared. I especially avoid things that are out of my comfort zone. And sometimes I’m scared of embarrassment or rejection.


3 Steps to Keep Focus and Be More Productive

So how can you stop feeling overwhelmed and start sharpening your focus?

Here are 3 simple things you can do. They will help you achieve your goals, be more effective, and get closer to your dreams.

1. Get Messy and Make Mistakes

Allow yourself permission to make mistakes. We fail to take action because we are so worried about making a mistake. So afraid of doing it wrong.

But let me tell you something… there’s no wrong or right here.

Do things even if it’s uncomfortable. All success is built on the bricks of failure.

2. Micro steps

Starting on a new project it’s tough, I got you. You need to come up with a big idea. A winning headline. A blockbuster story and so on. But you don’t have to do everything at once.

Break your project down into tasks. And your tasks into micro steps. It’s easier to accomplish smaller steps. Don’t try to nail down the whole project at once.

3. Proven Path

Everything you are trying to do in your business or personal life has been done before. There are systems, templates, and formulas out there. Distractions are us trying to come up with new things, trying to be pioneers.

But why reinvent the wheel? Use proven systems which are already in place.

Start focusing on your goals, today!

My assignment for you today is to think about where you might feel overwhelmed or lack confidence.

Then give yourself permission to learn and make mistakes.

Take baby steps.

And go down your path looking to do things the way other successful people have already done.


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