About Us

What Is Copywriter Marketer?

Copywriter Marketer was created by Joshua T Boswell, in consultation with a mastermind group of copywriters and top-flight entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to help copywriters live the writer’s life. We do this by showing them how to build client attraction systems that bring in high-paying clients year after year.

As the internet continues to change our world, the demand for good, effective persuasive copy continues to grow at a staggering rate.

The problem?

On the one hand, there is a great need for good copywriters… and on the other hand there are hundreds of well trained, highly talented copywriters looking for writing projects.

And they are not finding each other.


Because they don’t know where to look… and in some cases don’t actually know what they are looking for.

After teaching, training, mentoring, and working with thousands of copywriters, Joshua decided it was time to play “match-maker”!

For more than a decade Joshua has worked for some of the largest companies and organizations in the world, including Sony, GM, Google, Verizon, Toshiba, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Boy Scouts of America, Agora publishing, and many others.

He began his copywriting career by taking a course with American Writers and Artists (AWAI – www.awaionline.com). Shortly after beginning the training course, he also took a course on marketing yourself as a copywriter by Bob Bly (www.bly.com). Joshua attributes all of his early success to AWAI, and Bob Bly, and continues to have a great friendship and working relationships with both of them.

Being so deeply involved in the world of copywriting, Joshua realized that a lot of great writers were getting professional level, step-by-step copywriting training. But, he also saw that they were not getting the same kind of clear, simple coaching on how to confidently find clients and run a business in a way that would give them the writer’s life.

And that is what Copywriter Marketer is all about.

Like with most things in Joshua’s life, Copywriter Marketer is a family affair.

cm-mom-picThe real owner and boss of the company is Margie, Joshua’s dear wife, best friend, and ultimate inspiration. No words can express how much Margie is loved, revered and respected.

You won’t see her name much around here, but make no mistake, she’s the real reason for our success… and consequently, the success of so many of our members.

You might consider sending her some chocolates as a special thanks! 😉


cm-joshua-pic The lead technology expert for the site is none other than Joshua’s oldest son. His name is Joshua, too. He is a master at layout, usability, and membership.

Joshua’s son is also a master at marketing and has extensively studied some of the best marketers in the world.

If you’re sold on Copywriter Marketer, you can thank him!


cm-esther-picProduct development, editing and graphics are handled by Esther, Joshua’s oldest daughter. Esther’s eye for layout, design, colors, and professionalism speak for themselves.

Also, even though he’s a world-class copywriter, Joshua admits that his spelling and grammar can get swept aside when he’s in a writing frenzy… so he relies on Esther to clean things up.

Esther is also a budding copywriter and has written many of the descriptions, letters, emails, and other materials released by Copywriter Marketer.


cm-jared-pic Jared, Joshua’s second son, is a master at video editing, Infusionsoft systems, and content deployment.

Since Joshua can shoot a zillion hours of video a day, Jared regularly has his hands full in overseeing all video and audio production.


In addition to these amazing workers, we regularly work with and consult with industry giants such as Katie Yeakle, Rebecca Matter, Bob Bly, Mark Ford, Clayton Makepeace, and many others. They’re not on the company payroll, but they continue to have a huge impact on Joshua and thousands of other copywriters around the world. Thanks guys… you’re the best!