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1-1 Coaching is the  #1 Key to Success

For a Limited Time I’m Offering…

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Hot Seat Sessions

for Just $39/month

cm-mom-picHello Fellow Copywriter,

Joshua Boswell here.

I have coached, trained, and taught more than 5,000 copywriters over the years.

I carefully track my students’ results. I want to know what creates success… both fast success and long-term success.

I have noted the people that achieve their dreams the fastest, are the ones that have a private coach.

The challenge is that typically, private coaching is very, very expensive.

I personally have paid over $2,000 per month to have a private coach.

That is just too expensive for most people.

For a long time, I’ve been thinking that there has to be a better way…

A way to give high-level coaching to people who really want to win… but can’t afford $2,000 a month (or even $1,000 a month… or even $500 a month).

I’ve finally found a way to make it work.

I call it:

The Winner’s Edge

For just $39 each month, you get:

  • Private Coaching – A private 1-1 coaching call with myself or one my certified coaches.
  • Weekly Success Training – Weekly success strategy, winning mindset training videos.
  • Hot Seats – Access to a monthly group call focused on Hot Seats.
  • Winning Community – Membership in a community of like-minded, highly ambitious, success-focused people just like you.
  • Success Tools – Free high-performance coaching tools to help you set goals, make plans, stay accountable, organize your time, and communicate with your coach.
  • BONUS! Monthly Book Discussion – Once a month, we will gather to discuss a book. The discussion will be moderated and action oriented.
  • BONUS! Private Interviews with Hyper-Successful People – Each month a new interview is released and gives you a rare insight into the life and mind of the super-successful.

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Here are some specific details on each element of the Winner’s Edge membership…

Private Coaching

The coaching calls can be done over phone or video – your choice. Each call lasts 15 minutes. We focus on the #1 thing you need to do right now to succeed.

It is a very simple call. You get two things:

  1. Clarity on what your one-month goal should be.
  2. A specific action plan for achieving that goal.

Every high-performance, super-successful person I’ve ever worked with does two things:

They set long term goals.

The look way out to 5, 10, 20, even 50 years and plan ahead.

But they are not just visionaries. The follow up their long-term vision with…

Specific one month targets.

Yes, they have targeted, very, very, very specific one month goals.

Each month, they work hard to hit the one month goal. They know that each day, they are building the life of their dreams.

To help you be like the super-successful people I know, you get one call a month. It is a “use it or lose it” scenario… no storing up calls.

Your calls are with me or one of my other certified coaches.

I only let people coach under my system after they are well vetted, demonstrated success in other areas of their life (like business, relationships, health, and spirituality), and know all of my training programs inside and out.

You will get the best.

We do a monthly call… and, as I said, don’t allow you to store up calls… because this is about taking consistent action, being accountable, and creating long-term success in your life.

Can’t do that sitting around doing nothing for 8 months and then talking to me for 2 hours 🙂

Weekly Success Training

You will get weekly insights, strategies, techniques, resources, and success tips through my video newsletter.

Every Monday, a new video will appear in the member area. I’ll send you an email to tell you it’s there.

These training videos will focus on helping you do what it takes to enjoy real success and true wealth.

I get personal and direct. I promise to tell you the truth and help you see reality.

We talk about things like:

  • People skills. Developing instant rapport with others, having more romance and passion in your marriage, bonding with your children, speed reading people, understanding personality types, and building trust.
  • Daily Action. How to manage the daily grind, plan your day, uncover success routines that bring wealth and prosperity to you automatically, being consistent in the fact of mundane adversity, and filling your life with things that matter most to you.
  • Long-term planning. Having a long, long time horizon, making the distant feel up-close-and-personal, connecting the dots from long-term to immediate action, establishing milestones, and seeing the orchard in the seed.
  • Personal Development and Real Growth. How to track your progress in life, in ways that mean something… not just money and stuff. We talk about books to read, ways to enhance your social network and peers, and discovering personal tricks so you can really come alive and get stuff done.
  • Health and Fitness. Foods and nutritions that rev you up and fuel your dreams, treating your body like a temple for maximum performance, exercise that is fast and effective, insights into supplements that really make a difference.
  • Business Secrets. How to run a business, developing entrepreneur mentality, balancing work, family, pleasure, and personal pursuits, creating systems, organizing work space, effective use of technology, and the art of delegation.
  • Neuroscience. Dive into the mysteries of the mind to unlock secrets of success and happiness, see how you are wired for success, and unlock hidden resources of energy, strength, courage, and productivity. It’s all inside you. We kick the beehive and wake up the sleeping giant.
  • Blueprints of the Mind. You are currently on autopilot, with 95% of your life being controlled by blueprints in your subconscious mind. Reprogram the subconscious and you can have anything you want in life.
  • The Joy and Art of Learning. Learning new stuff is just about the coolest, most rewarding thing in life. It means you’re growing. There is an art to effective learning and we’ll master it together.
  • Money Management. Few businesses have a money problem… but most have a money management problem. Discover best practices on managing money and making it work for you.
  • 80/20… and 95/5 For Life. There is a good, better, best in everything. There is always a more effective, easier, high-return way to do something. Discover how to view the world through the lens of high-leverage ease.
  • And more!

The point is to address the key areas of your life that need to improve, so you can reach your dreams and live a life of total joy and abundance.

The training videos will be from 10-60 minutes, but usually around 20 minutes.

I will always give you simple, focused action items.

If you choose to implement a suggestion, you can do so quickly and effectively.

You also get a summary sheet, full transcript, and an audio version. No matter how you like to learn and consume information, you’ll have it.

Hot Seats

Each month, I do a 90 minute session reserved specifically for hot seats.

You come with any personal or business challenge and we’ll work on it together, in real time, and hopefully find a solution.

I don’t know everything… but I usually know where to find it.

Your hotseat session is 10 minutes. No limit to how many times you can get in the seat… but you need to sign up. Each month it’s a first-come-first-served basis.

Earlybird gets the worm 🙂

Winning Community

We have a private Facebook group. The groups I moderate tend to be lively, interactive, useful, collaborative, accepting, supportive and loving. This one is no exception.

Inside of our Winning Community, you can ask any question you’d like, get a peer review of copy, discuss business plans, find solutions to complicated questions, weep, laugh, complain, and rejoice.

We’re family, we’re authentic, we’re sincere, and we are on the journey of real success together.

Success Tools

Get access to one of the top online coaching software packaging available today… at no extra charge.

Inside this tool, you can:

  • Set goals – both long-term and short-term
  • Manage your calendar, appointments and time
  • Connect with your coach and have secure, private conversations
  • Track your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual progress toward your goals
  • Organize your resources, files, and documents
  • And much more

You’ll get full access details once you sign up for the Winner’s Edge

All of these membership benefits are worth far more than $99… not to mention the $39 Charter Member investment I’m offering you.

But, just to make life a little sweeter for you, I’m giving you these two bonuses:

BONUS! Monthly Book Discussion

One of my early business mentors and heroes was Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. Loved that guy.

He said,

“Joshua, in 5 years from now, you will be the same person except for the books you read and the people you associate with.”

He was right.

The fastest way to change your life is to change your peer group… and read better books.

I have a list of amazing books. Books that changed my life and the lives of thousands of others that I’ve associated with other the years.

Each month we are going to do a cool and swanky book of the month club.

We read the book and then join in a moderated “colloquium”… meaning we openly discuss the book and translate it into useful, ordinary, daily applications.

Margie and I do this all the time with our children. It’s the most powerful, easiest way to take the info in a book and allow it to change your life.

The discussion is focused on understanding and simple application.

My hope is that you’ll come away with a single, simple powerful action item each month that will create real growth and true riches for you… fast!

BONUS! Private Interview with Super-Successful People

A few years back, I began a really, really fun project.

I had this idea in my mind about interviewing people that “had it all”.

The idea came from listening to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich.

He said, of the 500 super wealthy people he studied over a 20 year period of time, only two of them… just two… didn’t pay too much for their money.

He explained that they all got rich. Fine and dandy.

Sadly, all but two of them gave up something far more precious than money in the pursuit.

Some gave up health.

Others love and relationships.

Others family.

Still others integrity.

I heard that and thought,

“Wow. That’s sad. Wouldn’t it be cool to track down people that didn’t pay too much… that had riches in every area of their life… and interview them to see how they did it?”

I thought it would be cool, so I went out and found them… and interviewed them.

I’m still finding them and interviewing them.

These interviews are emotional, personal, real, raw, hilarious, and incredibly insightful.

You are about to step inside the heart and mind of dozens of hyper-successful people… people that I believe figured out a way to “have it all”.

They didn’t pay too much for their money.

And you can learn how they did it through these interviews.

Every month, I will release a new interview, including full transcripts.

A Lifetime of Success… Beginning Today

So that’s it.

Membership includes some calls, some coaching, some cool books and some really intimate insights into truly successful people.

The real price will be $99 a month. Totally worth it.

With this Charter Member offer you get it all for just $39 a month.

You’re already part of my business family. Because of that – and really only because of that – I’m giving you this steep discount.

Cool, right?

You can cancel at any time. No obligation.

You can also pay for a year in advance at just $390… that basically gives you 2 months free… 12 months for the investment of 10 months.

If you decide to cancel sometime during the year, I’ll refund your unused months.

Fair deal, isn’t it?

Sure. That’s how I’d like to be treated, so I’m doing it for you.

It’s decision time.

Are you coming with me?

If so, let’s get started right now!

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My Simple Guarantee

You’ll love it.

Plus, I guarantee, every time you read, listen, review, or study information from Copywriter Marketer, you will get insights you love and action items you can use right away.

I can’t promise you that you’re life will change… only you can do that.

But, I do promise that you’ll get stuff you love and that has worked for others.

If you don’t love it, you can cancel and I will stop billing you immediately.

If you pay for a year membership and cancel early, I’ll give you back the money for the unused months.

Cool? Fair? Make sense?

I think so.

If you think so too, then let’s get going and start working together to give you the mindset of a super-star winner that has it all in life.


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To Your Amazing Success,


P.S. You get one more thing as a member…

Discounts on my live events, private retreats, mastermind groups, and training programs.

If I’m doing it, I’ll give you a VIP invitation, treat you like a VIP, and discount the price.

Your discount on one of my private retreats will more than pay for a year or two of membership. Totally worth it just for that.

Your discount on some of the training programs will be as high as 50%.

So, that’s cool, right?

Ready to live your dreams?

I’m ready to help you!

Come On – Join Now

Add To Cart – Just $39

I’ll See You on the Inside…


Joshua T Boswell
CEO and Founder,

“I’m swamped”

Hi Joshua!

Your program is so awesome! I changed my profile with the agency I had been working with to reflect your “packaging” and I am swamped. It’s not really where I want to be because the money is not anywhere near what is reflected in your course. I want to be independent. But until now, I didn’t even realize the money potential!!! And I get to pick-and-choose my clients, and they really send me great stuff. I’ll grow from this and continue to work on the assignments.

Thanks for everything,

Monica Coleman, JD

Political Strategic Planner & Media Professional, Washington, DC

“You’ve Got the Job…. Woohoo!”

I just used the “Discovery Questionnaire” via the telephone and got told at the end, “You’ve got the job, just send over your proposal as a formality.” That’s one for sure landed and I’m talking on Thursday afternoon to the person to whom I sent the other proposal! Woohoo!

Debby Kevin

Copywriter, Columbia, MD

“Almost Every Tool One Could Imagine”

I wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have given us during this course…not only your devoted time, but almost every tool one could imagine to become successful at copywriting. I have never been part of a course before where the course leader has given so much.

I truly appreciate everything you have done. I hope we are able to keep in touch through future endeavours.

Take care,

Carol Perkins

Copywriter, HR Management Consulting, Calgary, Canada