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The 10 Predictors of Success as a Writer!

Step One:

Watch the overview video below. Have something handy to take notes. Lots of insights to help you win!

Step Two:

Download the cheat sheet to review and remember. Check off the factors you’re already using or possess.

Choose a new Predictor to focus on and set a plan to put it in place.

Would you like to go deeper?

I’ve prepared 12 targeted videos to give you more examples of each Predictor, plus targeted action steps you can take to win faster as a writer.

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  • The “5-year old kid” secret to writing copy that perfectly targets your ideal clients and their ideal customers… used by every A-level writer in the business.
  • How to use the magic formula called, “A short pencil is better than a long memory”. This trick makes you effective at getting things done… FAST.
  • One thing you can do every hour of writing to increase your productivity and persuasion by 87% (clinically proven in major neuroscience studies)
  • How to have the energy and stamina to work faster, play harder, and enjoy your life to the fullest… why make money if you can’t enjoy it, right?
  • The Art of Influence. Yes, you can dramatically increase your influence on others with this simple 3 step process.
  • 22 years of proven experience in the business side of writing. Discover how to run your business profitably and enjoy an incredible lifestyle.

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