The 10 Predictors of Success as a Writer

Which of these top 10 Predictors do you already have?
Learn the 10 factors that determine your success (and how to ensure success!)
#10 is Writing Skills.  A vital skill… after the other 9 are in place. See why today.
Predictor #3 is the most overlooked, but easiest to get right. See how to do it today.
Most writers ignore #8. But a simple trick, done each hour of writing, can create an 87% boost in your productivity and overall satisfaction.
#6 is where most writers shine… but they fail to connect it with #7 and #2… so they live a mediocre life, wondering where all the clients, money and success are. Instantly make the connection and explode your results.
“I’ve trained and taught 1,000’s of writers. Some win big… too many fail. Why? I’ve discovered these 10 Predictors of Success make all the difference. Learn the 10 Predictors and use them today… you can win and I’ll help you”
Joshua Boswell

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