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Begin your business transformation, today!


Develop Killer Writing Skills

Most writers think that great writing requires you to learn a ton of secrets and techniques, but in reality there are a small handful of high-powered techniques that make the difference.  Discover how the best writers in the world consistently crank out winning copy. 

Understand Clients & Close Deals

Joshua has worked with and interviewed hundreds of marketing directors from small companies to Fortune 100 companies. He takes inside the hiring decisions they use and helps you see how to close deals and secure retainer contracts. 


Manage Your Time & Schedule

You only have 24 hours. How you use that time defines your lifestyle and writing success. Discover simple, easy-to-use time management secrets that let you get more done at faster rates than ever before in your life.  

Master Marketing Strategies

The most important thing you can do to improve your writing is to improve your marketing skills. Joshua will not only show you how to market your writing business and land great clients, but will also show you how to use those marketing skills to write better and get better results. 

Build Your Professional Online Presence

Your online presence will give marketing directors and other hiring managers their first impression of you. If they see you as a professional and an expert writer they will be inclined to want to hire you. Discover the secrets to attract the best clients and show them you’re a pro… even as a beginner! 

Live the Writer's Life

Most writers are focused on getting clients… but Joshua is focused on lifestyle. Discover how to create automated client-flow, write faster, and enjoy more time and money so you can do things that matter most to you. What’s your dream lifestyle? Let’s help you get there. 

We are the communicators, the persuaders, the informers, the educators. Writers are the engine that run the businesses of the world.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Thank you for tonight’s session. My wife, Judy, and I were both plugged in and taking copious notes.  We have attended two boot-camps, read most of the material, taken most of the accelerated course, and written dozens of specs. 

Your insights and no-holds-barred comments during the recent conference call have already proven to be invaluable!

Dr. Peter Colman | Author of “Father of the Man”

I appreciate the coaching. I learn a lot from the consultations. I like the money. I Love the work. And I love the feeling of BEING a professional copywriter, rather than pursuing it somewhere off in the future.

I particularly like the fact that this is a SYSTEM that I can integrate into my copywriting BUSINESS as an on-going, integrated part of long-term success.

I’ve had intermittent work in the past, but I think this approach can produce a steadier stream of work. Thanks.

Dr. Rick Boatright | Freelance Health Copywriter

Joshua is one of the most gifted speakers and crowd pleasers I have ever seen. If you want to electrify your next event — or if you need to breathe life into your video presentations — Joshua is the man for you.

Clayton Makepeace | President, ResponseInk

Joshua – thank you very much for the work you did on the CCF package. It was not an easy project and had a pretty tight deadline, but you delivered. I really appreciated your professional approach and your copy was persuasive, innovative, and compelling.

Dale Schmincke | Transportation Director

Thanks so much for the over-the-top phenomenal conference.

Through the years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at continuing education conferences. Yet never before have I walked away feeling so fulfilled…so empowered…and so equipped with practical, how-to take-home steps to make the hours and dollars spent multiply in value like the day in Charlotte.

I must say, too, that while I have participated in many of the bigger courses by the “masters” of copywriting, none compare. Not only have I learned invaluable information from your course, but also I left with a refreshing sense that you are a man of integrity.

Ruth Hoover | Medical Copywriting

Joshua Boswell… a copywriting machine – he cranks out persuasive words with speed and skill.

He’s also a learning machine. He came into my 3-month coaching program one month late, tripled his client’s business in 90 days and walked away with the top prize as the #1 student in the class.

A year later he’s my new Content Czar, beating out 18 other applicants.

He doesn’t just provide copywriting but a comprehensive understanding of sales processes, web traffic, market research and customer psychology. A top pick.

Perry Marshall | Author of  “Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords”

Since that first meeting in 2006, Joshua has become an incredible mentor and a friend as well.

I turned to Joshua for help… He immediately took time away from his busy schedule and got me up to speed on both how to write a compelling press release, and also how to talk the talk with the client.

The press release got picked up by The design house and their client were beyond being pleased when the release resulted in 10,000 new customers in the next month alone.

Without Joshua’s expert coaching and quick response, there’s no way I could have done so well for my new client.

Bill Zoch | Conversion Solutions Group

Joshua is not only a good friend that I have great respect for, he is also one of the fastest up-and-coming stars of the copywriting world. In an amazingly short time, he came from nowhere to writing extensively for companies like Corel, Microsoft, Google, Sony Media Software, Easter Seals, and St. Jude Hospital – he’s even got a couple of controls under his belt. How good is he? I’ll just say that I’ve personally used him to write one of my promotions and a number of articles.

Bob Bly | “America’s Top Copywriter”

Guys. Just wanted to let you know…the harvest has come. I have more clients and inquiries than I can handle!!

Once I got the first client, the ball just picked up momentum. I’m attempting to take this week off but the emails just keep coming for consultations and other things.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your system works if you work it…AND HAVE PATIENCE!!

Erika Lynne Campbell | Content Marketing Writer

This is a BRILLIANT Program !!!

My sincere apologies for any earlier skepticism.

A contact on LinkedIn asked for my rates :)) (And I totally changed my info packet after the Hot Seat)

Joshua has Amazing ideas, insight, ability to redirect and share so generously all his experience !!!

I am Jumping up and shouting, “Alleluia !”

Alison Disque | Copywriter

SO EXCITED. April 5th, I contracted a client at $4,500 a month. April 13th, another client at $750 a month. May 18th, another client at $3,500 a month. GREAT NEWS: My client form April 5th just asked me to send a proposal for the whole shebang. They accepted at $8,600 a month!!!!!

2 Months – $154,200 in Contracts!!!!

Josh Vickery | Google’s #1 Ranked Christian Internet Marketing Company in the World

Thank you so much for such a powerful, thoughtful, caring day. I am even more impressed by you in person – if that is possible – than I already was by seeing you on the screen! You not only were totally prepared with exactly what we needed for the training, but you were creative, patient, and insightful during the hot seats. Thank you for the opportunity to be here, and thank you for your support.

Deborah Owen | Copywriting to grow your business

I’m absolutely buzzing right now… Yesterday I chose my niche – today I landed a client.

And… It’s for a big job too.

It’s to completely redo the copy on their website, write blogs, articles and emails – enough to keep me busy for a while.

Way out of my comfort zone right now… Feels awesome and scary at the same time.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Graeme Willis | B2B Copywriter

Speaking one-on-one with Joshua set me on the right path to achieve my goals.

I was floundering with my copywriting career and didn’t have a clue what to do.

Joshua gave me simple to follow step by step instructions to launch my career and my confidence.

Thanks for your guidance Joshua it was invaluable for an upstart copywriter like myself.

Brett Denton | Performance Coach,  Author, Copywriter

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