The Studio Membership

The Studio is your primary resource center for achieving and living the Writer’s Life. You’ll find everything you need to write with confidence, market like a master, and have the mindset of a total winner.

The System Videos

Video 1 – Market: Finding a Fun and Profitable Niche
Video 2 – Message: 7 Things Marketers MUST See Before Hiring You
Video 3 – Match: Turning Small Projects into Major Paydays
BONUS – The Engine: Automated Lifetime Client-Flow

The Two Hour Time Machine – Coming Soon

Have you ever wanted a few more hours in the day? This system gives you 2 hours of free time – everyday. Use this time to invest in your dreams and things that matter the most to you. Includes 7 detailed videos, complete Guidebook, worksheets, two bonus books and other resources to help you become hyper-productive. Take back your life and begin really living.

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